Bom Futuro and Natter to Introduce Greeneye Precision Spraying Technology in Brazil

• Greeneye’s unique AI precision spraying technology – proven to reduce herbicide use by up to 90% – to be trialled on Bom Futuro and Natter farms in Q4, 2022 • Announcement marks the first availability of precision spraying technology suitable for post-emergence applications in South America

Tel Aviv, Israel - June 22, 2022 - Following the success of its commercial launch in North America earlier this year, agtech pioneer, Greeneye Technology, today announces the first in-field testing of its breakthrough precision spraying technology in Brazil. Bom Futuro, the world's largest producer of soybeans, and Natter, a rapidly-growing sustainable agribusiness, will run extensive field trials on farms in Mato Grosso, to evaluate the efficacy of precision application of herbicides. Upon the successful completion of these trials, which will take place later this year, both companies will transition to using Greeneye's precision spraying system in their operations.

South American farmers face significant challenges linked to the overuse of chemicals - including high levels of water and soil pollution, herbicide resistance, and chemical drift. Until now, access to precision spraying technology on the continent has been limited to infra-red solutions that are not suitable for post-emergence (green-on-green) spraying, greatly reducing their efficacy and savings potential. Uniquely, the Greeneye solution overcomes this challenge by using proprietary AI technology to identify weeds in crops with unparalleled accuracy, unlocking the full potential of precision spraying.
"As a leading agricultural producer, Bom Futuro is committed to increasing the productivity and sustainability of our operations - something we believe can only be achieved with a long-term strategy of ecologically-balanced, economically-viable and socially-fair production," comments José Vengrus Zezão, Director of Agriculture and Mechanization at Bom Futuro. "To this end, we strive to adopt the latest innovative technologies that enable us to increase yield, protect the environment, and safeguard the health of farm workers. We expect precision spraying to play an important part in meeting our goals. We have been excited by the results Greeneye has achieved working with farmers in North America - especially in post-emergence applications - and we look forward to achieving similar success in Brazil."
Bom Futuro manages 583,000 hectares of farmland throughout Mato Grosso, and produces 1.7 million tons of grain each year, including 1.3 million tons of soybeans. The second generation of Bom Futuro's heirs also invests heavily in "green" technologies. Rafael Bortoli and his sister Aline Bortoli will utilize Greeneye's precision spraying technology in the company they created called Natter. There, in addition to believing in sustainable production, they also invest in the manufacture and use of biofertilizers. Rafael Bortoli adds: "We believe that the use of more advanced products, such as Ingrow, combined with the evolution of the application proposed by Greeneye that can be integrated into our existing operations, is the future of agriculture."
Nadav Bocher, CEO, Greeneye Technology, and Gidi Levanon, the company's representative in Brazil, comment: "2022 has already proved to be a milestone year for Greeneye Technology following its hugely successful launch in North America, and we are delighted to announce the next exciting stage in its global expansion. We are especially excited to work with Bom Futuro and Natter. They are visionary producers whose commitment to using innovative technology to improve farming outcomes and protect the environment perfectly aligns with Greeneye's mission to create a more sustainable and profitable farming future."

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