IUNU Launches LUNA AI for Tomatoes at GreenTech Conference

Leading AI company IUNU to launch new product for tomato growers at GreenTech Conference in Amsterdam

IUNU today came out of stealth with a computer vision and AI platform designed for tomato growers. After over a year of development in partnership with commercial tomato growers, the product is now available for pre-order in North America.

The company is launching with four distinct modules - Crop Counts, Crop Steering, Forecasting, and Plant Health and IPM - offering unique value for each organization. For those that pre-order, the product is expected to be delivered in Q1 2023 with the Crop Count module and growers will be able to add additional modules over time.

"Growers were demanding a better solution than what's on the market today," said Adam Greenberg, CEO of IUNU. "We listened. The product we're launching today provides unmatched value for growers." The Crop Count module automates crop registration for all plants in the facility, helping you to maintain crop density, measure micro-environment details, support crop steering, and improve production forecasting.

Unlike current products on the market, LUNA AI encompasses multiple cameras, making it the only product that can image the entire vine, not just the fruit. LUNA AI is also the only product offering 3-D analysis in addition to 2-D analysis, which introduces an entirely new dataset. Now, in addition to the traditional analysis package of fruit counts or tasks done, LUNA AI can help growers understand fruit size and quality of work done.

Today, tomato growers can pre-order their LUNA AI system. There are limited spots available and the company expects to sell out quickly for the first launch. Growers who are interested can pre-order at https://bit.ly/3xmTede.

IUNU is the market leader in providing computer vision and AI solutions to the greenhouse industry. Currently, the company works with more than 75% of the top leafy greens growers, and continues to lead in the ornamentals, cannabis, and vertical farming markets.

Growers who are at the GreenTech conference in Amsterdam can check out a live demo of LUNA AI for all crops at Booth 1.245.

About IUNU

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Seattle, IUNU is closing the loop in greenhouse autonomy and is focused on being the world's leading controlled environment specialist. IUNU's flagship platform, LUNA AI, combines software with a variety of high-definition cameras — both fixed and mobile — and environmental sensors to keep track of the minutiae of plant growth and health in indoor ag settings. LUNA's goal is to turn commercial greenhouses into precise, predictable, demand-based manufacturers that optimize yield, labor, and product quality. http://www.IUNU.com

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