Meet Sempera Organics, America’s Premiere Supplier of Functional Mushrooms.

Cultivating mushrooms using advanced methods in their state-of-the-art facility. Sempera Organics provides high-quality functional mushrooms while bypassing supply chain disruption.

MORGAN HILL, CA (APRIL 2022) Following an international pandemic, a supply chain in turmoil and a growing market of consumers who seek healthier alternatives, Sempera Organics has positioned itself well to navigate these uncertain times.

"Providing Americans with ways to promote their health through functional mushrooms is too important to allow a disrupted supply chain get in the way," said Sempera Organics Founder & CEO Nirmal Nair. "By growing mushrooms with our innovative cultivation methods in the United States, Sempera Organics is the supplier that food and nutraceutical developers can count on for the highest product quality and reliability."

Sempera Organics line of mushroom ingredients are grown using proprietary methods from inoculation to processing. Their vertical farm located in Morgan Hill, California allows for a higher production volume per square foot, while also focusing on "zero waste" by repurposing or reusing materials used for farming. This allows Sempera to grow the most nutrient dense mushrooms while also accelerating production time for products. True to their name, all ingredients produced by Sempera Organics are USDA Certified Organic, GMP Certified and are naturally gluten free and vegan.

Demand for functional mushrooms has been steadily increasing over the past decade, especially in the past 4 years which have seen an explosion of interest among consumers. According to Allied Market Research, the functional mushroom market will more than double in the next decade, increasing from $7.98 Billion in 2020 to $19.33 billion in 2030. To meet this growing demand Sempera Organics is looking to produce over 100 metric tons of functional mushrooms in 2022.

Mushroom varieties grown and processed at Sempera Organics include lion's mane, chaga, reishi, turkey tail and cordyceps. Benefits of these fungi include improved mental clarity, enhanced energy, immunity, and deep sleep. In addition to pure powders, Sempera formulates blends and extracts designed for immunity boosting, physical activity recovery, mental clarity, anti-aging, and a healthy gut biome.

"These and other mushroom varieties have been valued for their health-inducing active ingredients for generations in Asia—particularly in China and Japan, Nair added. They have even been prescribed as medicine. But the market is just starting to grow in the U.S., and Sempera Organics is poised to make its mark." Said Nair.

About Sempera Organics

Founded by CEO Nirmal Nair, Sempera Organics brings high-quality mushroom ingredients to the world, growing fungi species like lion's mane, cordyceps, reishi, chaga, turkey tail, shitake, maitake, almond mushroom, king oyster, snow fungus, and agarikon in its state-of-the-art facility in Morgan Hill, CA. Growing mushrooms in its lab enables Sempera Organics to control every aspect of cultivation and maximize mushroom growth. Sempera Organics supplies food and nutraceutical brands with powders and extracts made from these individual species, as well as powdered blends formulated for immune support, physical activity recovery, mental clarity, anti-aging, and the gut biome. Sempera Organics delivers products through a reduced supply chain, creating predictable delivery for customers.

About Nirmal Nair

Nirmal has been thinking about fungi, food, and wellness for over a decade, so he bought a farmland with Redwoods "just for fun." At the time, his day job was CMO at Clickatell, a global technology leader and innovator in mobile messaging and commerce. At Clickatell, he helped build revenues from $50M to over $100M, led the team that launched the game-changing Chat Commerce platform—and coined the term itself—that's rapidly changing the way we interact with the brands on mobile phones.

But always in the back of this foodie's mind, was fungi and how he could completely upend its visibility and elevate it to its rightful place in the world of fantastic-tasting healthy eating. In 2020, he founded Sempera to do just that. From his initial training as a mechanical engineer to software to digital video to mobile to food and nutrition; Nirmal has built his career paving new paths. He's got big plans on the horizon for Sempera.

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