Merchant’s Garden Automates and Expedites Water Quality and Nutrient Testing with KETOS SHIELD

KETOS Helps Ensure Nutrient-Rich Water for Produce Grown by Merchant’s Garden

San Francisco, May 24, 2022 - KETOS, Inc., a water intelligence innovator, today announced that Merchant's Garden AgroTech Inc. ("Merchant's Garden") is using its KETOS SHIELD to automate and expedite its water quality and nutrient testing. Based in Tucson, Arizona, Merchant's Garden utilizes sustainable farming technology to feed communities with fresh, locally grown produce.

The KETOS SHIELD will provide Merchant's Garden with continuous real-time data about their water quality, ensuring robust and precise nutrient saturation among its mineralization, hydroponic and aquaponic systems. Prior to partnering with KETOS, Merchant's Garden monitored nutrient levels by mailing water samples to remote testing labs, an all-too-common industry practice that is both tremendously time consuming and expensive.

"KETOS is pleased to work with an industry innovator like Merchant's Garden, as they bring fresh, quality produce to consumers, saving massive amounts of water in the process," said Meena Sankaran, CEO & Founder of KETOS. "When it comes to practicing effective vertical farming, it's integral that plants receive the right balance of nutrients. Contaminants must also be removed to keep crops healthy."

Aquaponics is a unique soilless cultivation system that combines hydroponics with aquaculture, or fish farming, to create a dynamic, living system that produces highly nutritious, biodynamic leafy greens and herbs. Daily, continuous monitoring of water quality and nutrient levels is critical to Merchant's Garden's execution of low-cost, high-volume urban aquaponic cultivation.

"KETOS supports our mission to make fresh, healthy food accessible and affordable to everyone by providing us with accurate, same-day nutrient testing and analysis," said Chaz Shelton, Founder and CEO of Merchant's Garden. "Bringing aquaponics to commercial scale will revolutionize the relationship between communities and their food. Integrating the KETOS SHIELD into our aquaponics technology allows us to measure accurately and act quickly — critical abilities when working with rapidly-changing living systems."

With lab accurate results for over 30 water parameters, KETOS SHIELD is part of a fully integrated water analytics solution, offering access to automated reporting, real-time alerts, EPA-compliant or custom threshold-based diagnostics, custom reports, historical trends, and mission-critical insights by continuously analyzing water data in conjunction with advanced machine learning.

KETOS delivers smarter, safer, and more sustainable water solutions to change the way the world thinks about water. This is done through a comprehensive offering of industrial-grade patented hardware, an IoT communication framework, and a robust software platform to address global water management issues. Real-time monitoring and understanding of water, both quantitatively and qualitatively, helps address both water efficiency (leak-detection & usage) and water quality (safety), ultimately increasing water availability. With the power of actionable and predictive water intelligence on a global scale, KETOS seeks to solve a number of the world's water challenges with the goal of preserving this quintessential resource for generations to come. Learn more at

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