Moleaer Becomes Seventh Investment for Husqvarna Group with Announcement of Multi-Million-Dollar Investment

Husqvarna Group's venture capital arm has invested USD 7,5m into Moleaer, a global leader in advancing nanobubble technology. Moleaer designs and manufactures industrial scale nanobubble systems that deliver extraordinary improvements in sustainable food production, chemical free water treatment and the recovery of natural resources.

April 20, 2022 - Moleaer, the leading nanobubble technology company, is the seventh investment for Husqvarna Group's venture capital fund where the aim is to invest in disruptive technologies and products that can further strengthen the Group's product segments. By investing in Moleaer, Husqvarna can explore nanobubble technology's potential in addressing key environmental challenges, such as in water scarcity.

"This investment enables Husqvarna to discover new opportunities resulting from a technology addressing key sustainability challenges within relevant adjacencies, such as agriculture and horticulture. To retain our position as global leader, we always need to explore the newest innovations and we look forward to being a part of Moleaer's journey, hoping to create new sustainable applications together," says Mark Johnson, who heads up Husqvarna's Corporate Ventures.

"Husqvarna shares our passion for innovation and sustainability and we are excited to work together to address the need for products to help industries adapt to new climate realities and protect vital resources," said Nick Dyner, CEO of Moleaer. "This investment allows us to expand our presence futher in Europe and accelerate the development of more products and innovations that help industries protect the envirnoment and utilize water more efficiently.


About Husqvarna Group Ventures
Husqvarna Group Ventures is looking for startups to invest in and partner with, where Husqvarna Group's industry knowledge and distribution network will deliver value and help scale these companies to maturity. Moleaer represents a great example of how Husqvarna Group likes to get involved at the early stages to help co-develop customer solutions.

About Moleaer
Moleaer™ is the leading nanobubble technology company with over 1,500 nanobubble generator installations in more than 30 countries. The company deploys the unique power of nanobubbles to enhance and improve the performance and productivity of many of the world's most critical industrial processes, unlocking the power of water to help farmers grow more food, empower businesses to manage their water needs more effectively and efficiently, and restore aquatic ecosystems sustainably without added chemicals.

About Nanobubbles
Nanobubbles, which are 2,500 times smaller than a grain of salt, allow the scarce resource of water do more with less. They supersaturate water with oxygen, form natural oxidants for disinfection, improve plant health, and increase water's ability to permeate soil and rock. Moleaer's patented nanobubble technology also provides the highest oxygen transfer rate in the aeration and gas infusion industry, with an efficiency of more than 85 percent per foot of water. Its nanobubble generators are a cost-effective, chemical-free solution proven to increase sustainable food production, reduce the use of chemicals, restore aquatic ecosystems, and improve natural resource recovery. Moleaer technology has been validated by extensive research and renown universities.

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