Vertically-Farmed Strawberries are Coming to Market

OnePointOne Announces Partnership with California Giant Berry Farms to Bolster Berry Innovation, Create Opportunities to Invest in Personal Farms

OnePointOne and California Giant Berry Farms have announced their strategic partnership to bring the highest quality vertically-farmed strawberries to market. California Giant has made an equity investment in OnePointOne, with President, Joe Barsi, joining OnePointOne's Board of Directors.

The partnership was formed to develop OnePointOne's Opollo™ Three technology, optimized to grow the best grade berries at scale for the consumer. Farms will then be sold to customers all around the world looking to bring unique, high-quality berries to their local market year-round. This model allows for more businesses to gain access to vertically farmed strawberries of their own.

Silicon Valley-based OnePointOne has developed the world's most advanced automated, indoor vertical farming technology that offers superior product yields and quality, while also enabling crops to be grown closer to the end consumer. The vertical farms are currently located in California and Arizona with the goal of expanding them throughout the country to improve the availability and accessibility of fresh berries. In addition, Opollo™ Two farms - optimized for leafy greens - are currently being sold in the United States.

"Strawberries are the next frontier for vertical farming," said Sam Bertram, OnePointOne CEO and Co-founder. "OnePointOne's farms are perfectly suited to grow high quality berries that will allow consumers all over the world to enjoy consistent, outrageously tasty strawberries year-round."

Both OnePointOne and California Giant Berry Farm share a primary goal to have berries when and where their customers need them and have locally grown berries in various U.S. markets as a supplement to current field-grown production. As this partnership grows, they will focus on the development of an exclusive strawberry cultivar, where OnePointOne will optimize California Giant's berry experience and data to grow the berries in its automated, aeroponic, vertical-wall indoor farm.

In addition to the practical partnership between the two companies, California Giant has also placed an equity investment in OnePointOne's Series A financing round. "Our strategic partnership with OnePointOne is an actionable step towards achieving our sustainability vision," said Barsi. "OnePointOne's patented automated seed to harvest system, combined with plant analytics and AI differentiates them greatly. We look forward to farming for the future with this alternative growing model."

These premium berries will also be offered through Willo Farm, which currently offers the same personalized farming experience for leafy greens. Willo's Farms cultivate the berries on-demand and send them straight to your door on a weekly basis with full control of the process through Willo's mobile app.

Businesses wanting to invest in their own OnePointOne strawberry farm may do so for a $2M investment, which includes:

Ownership of an Opollo™ Three Farm, allowing for a year-round supply of high-quality berries
Industry intel and insight into exclusive trade data
Installation of the farm in geographic region of choice
A two-year return on capital
"Strawberries are iconic. The sensation it evokes can be powerful. We're excited to bring that feeling to as many people as we possibly can," added Bertram. "We also think this is the perfect time to bring the opportunity for other farms to expand to the burgeoning vertical farming industry on the ground floor."

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About OnePointOne: Founded in Silicon Valley, OnePointOne is revolutionizing vertical farming by building the most technologically advanced plant cultivation platform on the planet through innovations in automation, AI and plant science. OnePointOne launched Willo ( the world's first personalized vertical farming program designed to amplify human health.

About California Giant Berry Farms
California Giant Berry Farms started small. Cousins Pat Riordan and Bill Moncovich teamed up with best friend Frank Saveria to sell strawberries from a simple trailer in Watsonville, CA. Nearly 40 years later, California Giant has grown into a global family of people passionate about delivering the best strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Quality, consistency and community inspire the mission and values. Community, quality, philanthropy, and mutual respect is what continues to sustain us. Because the bigger the smile, the better.

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