New Agriculture Sensor Development Platform Launched

AgSensor Solutions, a platform company designed to help sensor creators move agricultural applications to market more quickly, has been formed by a collaboration of three established firms.

KANSAS CITY (AgPR) Dec. 14, 2021 — AgSensor Solutions, a platform company designed to help sensor creators move agricultural applications to market more quickly, has been formed by a collaboration of three established firms. The partners in the new venture are:

· AGD Consulting. A veteran-owned, Texas-based strategic advisory firm servicing the global agricultural technology, food, and investments sectors.
· LogiSync. A Cleveland-based organization with expertise in providing wireless IoT solutions for sensor technologies in multiple industries, moving them from the R&D phase into fully documented manufacturing programs.
· Tallgrass Technology Partners. A Kansas City area-based animal health, agribusiness, and technology-focused commercialization company.

"The creation and early development of sensors that can be extremely effective in agriculture has never been more rapid," said Michael DeSa, founder of AGD and managing director of AgSensor Solutions, "but the gap between creation and reaching the market sees too much failure. To bridge that gap more effectively, creators need an integrated solution that includes productization, business development and market analysis, and investment advice and structure."

The AgSensor Solutions service elements include:
1. Technology analysis and enhancement
2. Market potential verification and expansion
3. Intellectual property analysis and development
4. Business model analysis, development, and enrichment
5. Go-to-market strategy development
6. Capital raise strategy and investor/partner outreach and matching
"For nearly 30 years, LogiSync has worked with sensor innovators to productize their offerings," said Ed Yenni of LogiSync. "Over the past several years, we have seen an exponential increase in the benefits today's sensors provide, particularly when enabled with IoT capabilities. This is truly a very exciting time in the ag sensor industry."

"The necessity to produce greater amounts of food, fuel, and fiber is clear," said Bruce Benteman of Tallgrass. "The human and natural resources available to accomplish this are increasingly limited, so technology must play a bigger role. The amount spent on research has exploded but there has not been the same emphasis on development. This platform will provide that development assistance."

AgSensor Solutions is working with university faculties and researchers, corporations established in other areas of IoT sensor creation, small teams and individuals with new, innovative, and disruptive sensor technologies, and organizations such as tech accelerators and capital aggregators.

Featured on the AgSensor Solutions website is a look at the state of ag sensor development. That includes the list of 14 Roadblocks Sensor Developers Face and a depiction of the Sensor Capabilities Spectrum as it relates to sensor function and value. To learn more visit

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