Introducing the Extra-48, Inter-Canopy Lighting for Cultivators

SpecGrade LED is excited to announce the latest advancement in inter-lighting with the redesigned Extra-48. The new Extra-48 replaces the Extra-60of the Linea.

SpecGrade LED is excited to announce the latest advancement in inter-lighting with the redesigned Extra-48. The new Extra-48 replaces the Extra-60of the Linea.

The new polycarbonate design is half the weight of its predecessor with a wider optic producing a 150 degree photon distribution. The 48 Watt Extra-48 has a PPF of 100 μmol/s and an efficacy of 2.2 μmol/J. The combination of performance and lighter weight yields additional versatility to cultivators.

"The Extra-48 is designed to make inter-canopy lighting more approachable for cultivators," says Rick Nathans, CEO of SpecGrade LED. "The lighter weight fixture, while being available for up to 277V and maintaining its IP66 rating, contributes more flexibility for mounting, making it useful in almost any style greenhouse or indoor horticulture operation."

Inter-canopy lighting has been implemented for decades within the tomato industry, improving the quality and size of yields. The new Extra-48 offers the same potential to cannabis and other horticulture operations. The Extra-48's tubular body style allow the individual light tubes to rotate independently up to 360 degrees. Cultivators can easily position the Extra-48 exactly where they desire additional lighting for their plants.

SpecGrade LED's Extra

Like all of SpecGrade LED's horticulture lighting, the Extra-48 is IP66 and UL8800 rated for horticulture environments and passively cooled. The Extra-48 is compatible with 0-10 Volt dimmers and daisy-chainable. The industry standard 5-year LED and Driver warranty ensures cultivators will enjoy this high quality grow light for years.

The Extra-48 is now available for commercial orders. Contact us at for more information.

About SpecGrade LED

SpecGrade LED is a US manufacturer of commercial LED horticulture lighting located in Columbus, OH. Our photo-biological performance & innovative engineering excellence makes our grow lights the cultivator's new first choice. Utilizing the most current LED technology and drivers, coupled with premium thermal management and modular construction, we have raised the bar. Every SpecGrade grow light seamlessly integrates the spectral, thermal, and electrical components into one sustainable investment. Our fixtures' rugged construction tackles demanding cultivation environments head-on ensuring peace of mind.

SpecGrade LED works with cultivators across North America providing cost-effective, energy-saving horticulture lighting solutions for cultivators. Our unwavering focus on innovation, reliability and sustainability provides the professional grower with the highest yields and quickest ROI.

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