Watson-Marlow expands offering to food and beverage sector

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) announces the launch of the Maxthane® pump tubing elements and confirmation of FDA and EC1935/2004 certification on Qdos pumps - will further enhance Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG)'s pump solution offering to food and beverage sector.

Maxthane's sustainability credentials

Designed to suit tasks that include the accurate and reliable dosing of flavours, colours and additives, Maxthane provides long service life and food-grade compliance in accordance with FDA regulations 21 CFR177.1680, EC1935/2004, EU regulation 10/2011. Maxthane is fully compatible with all types of food oils and most CIP (clean-in-place) chemicals and are manufactured from fully recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane. Of particular note is the tubing's high peristaltic performance from a thinner wall and recyclable constitution that reduces the products environmental impact, supporting the growing sustainability initiatives of food plants.

Maxthane is designed for use with the Watson-Marlow 530 Series cased peristaltic pumps fitted with a 520 RET pumphead, which provide benefits such as high-accuracy, as well as rapid, simple maintenance. Quick-change LoadSure® (three sizes) options ensure easy changeover. During maintenance routines, the operator simply replaces the element in the pumphead.

Maxthane supports flow rates up to 3.5 L/m and pressure up to 7 bar to deliver dosing and metering accuracy for a wide range of applications. Users will experience not only extended service life, but broad chemical compatibility and very low spallation, as well as good abrasion and UV resistance.

Qdos certifications
Qdos pumps - which are deployed in metering applications in a range of industrial applications all over the world - now carry the certification required for use in food and beverage processing applications: EC1935/2004, EU regulation 10/2011; and FDA regulation 21CFR parts 170-199.

Offering high accuracy (20,000:1 turndown ratio and linear ± 1% accuracy) Qdos pumps provide a value-based solution in dosing and metering applications such as water conditioning and vitamin addition, or viscosity modifiers. ± 0.5% repeatability further helps to maintain continuous product consistency.

Commenting on the WMFTG's enhanced offering, Chris Palmer, Product Manager at WMFTG says: "The food and beverage sector has a number of important pumping demands, including regulatory compliance, chemical compatibility, high performance and easy maintenance. Now, thanks to the advanced materials technology invested in Maxthane, food plants can add sustainability to the list of benefits they receive. In addition, confirmation of key certifications on Qdos means we are able to bring the process performance benefits of Qdos to a much wider audience."

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