SlantRange Adds to Intellectual Property Portfolio with 10th Patent; First in European Union

This new patent covers SlantRange’s sunlight calibration technology that enables accurate crop measurement, prescriptions, and forecasting from crop imagery.

SlantRange, Inc., a leading provider of agricultural insights, announced today the issuance of a new patent covering foundational technologies for aerial crop inspection and measurement.

Patent 3,192,260, issued by the European Patent Office, covers SlantRange's sunlight calibration technology that enables accurate crop measurement, prescriptions, and forecasting from crop imagery.

The patent is the company's 10th overall and first in the European Union.

"We are encouraged by the European Patent Office's decision to grant this patent," SlantRange CEO Mike Ritter said. "Securing the intellectual property for foundational technologies and providing our customers freedom to operate is a priority for our company, especially given how broadly adopted this technology is today."

SlantRange also holds patents in the United States, Canada, and Australia for this technology.

This technology is essential for the broad-based, scalable use of aerial imaging (e.g., color, multispectral, hyperspectral) in agriculture and enables:

Classification of plant type and health
Comparisons of measurements over time for trend analysis
Development and application of targeted input prescriptions in precision agriculture
Modeling and forecasting of future crop conditions
SlantRange's solution is commonly referred to as a "sunshine sensor," "downwelling sunlight sensor," or "incident light sensor," together with the related software tools that normalize the effects of changing sunlight conditions.

About SlantRange
SlantRange is an agricultural intelligence company that combines patented remote sensing and data science methods to create actionable insights designed specifically to meet the diverse needs of the agriculture industry. By providing new classes of agricultural information, SlantRange gives agronomists and researchers the ability to quantify crop development and response to inputs — enabling more efficient and sustainable farming practices.

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