US eating habits have transformed: food provenance, organic diets and ethics inform dietary choices

A quarter (26%) say they will now always choose less-polluting food types, and so permanently reduce their meat and dairy consumption.

08 June 2021: New research has shown Americans' eating habits have become more influenced by ethics and sustainability over the past year: nearly three-quarters (71%) say they have paid more attention than ever to food provenance such as food labels and country of origin since the start of the pandemic.

Two-thirds (68%) suggest they are now eating more organic food and a similar number (69%) say they're choosing more ethically-farmed meat and fish, such as free-range poultry and MSC-certified fish. In addition, 65% are choosing more alt-protein in their diet, such as soya bean, plant-based meat and pea protein.

A quarter (26%) say they will now always choose less-polluting food types, and so permanently reduce their meat and dairy consumption.

The survey of more than 1,000 US adults was commissioned by Proagrica, a global provider of technology solutions for the agriculture and animal health industries.

It also revealed what Americans think the agricultural sector needs to prioritize in order to meet its environmental responsibilities: 37% think decreasing the use of pesticides is the number one consideration, while 28% see the main focus as reducing water use through smart irrigation, rainwater recycling and recovery and other methods.

Graeme McCracken, managing director at Proagrica, says: "Diets were already changing before the pandemic, but the past 12 months have seen a huge shift in Americans' eating habits. There is more focus than ever before on where food comes from and how it was made and consumers won't stand for food that lacks ethical and sustainable credentials.

"Businesses in the food and agriculture industries need to actively show how they are working together to improve their operational processes. They need to be able to demonstrate that every single grain grown, fish caught and steak produced meets the exacting standards of an increasingly well-informed public. Thankfully, and reinforced in every industry conference, product launch and data insight, this focus on stewardship and standards is core to everything our industry is delivering."

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