Growers, Preparing For New Product Launch, Announces Rebrand

New sales engagement tool offers the opportunity for ag retailers to serve their customers more efficiently and professionally.

Growers, a technology company focused on making it easier to do business with farmers, is preparing for the commercial launch of their flagship product this summer and has completed an entirely new rebranding initiative. The complete revamp of, new logo, visuals, and messaging are designed to create distinction and differentiation amongst the sea of agtech look-alikes. With a new brand and set to launch their new product, Growers. RALLY™ this summer, the company is positioning itself as the leading sales engagement platform for frontline salespeople in agriculture retail.

Growers offers a unique solution to ag retail sales representatives when many in the industry are pushing toward a more transactional relationship between the farmer and retailer.

"Today, it's becoming increasingly tricky for ag retailers to differentiate their products and services. The retailers that are successfully overcoming this challenge are doing so by differentiating their selling experience to farmers—essentially offering incredible amounts of value and insight while also being easier to do business with. Our technology is the catalyst that allows that to happen," said Steven Valencsin, CEO of Growers.

Early in Q3, the company plans to launch RALLY, currently in a limited release with select ag retailers nationwide. RALLY is in a category of its own in agriculture; a sales engagement platform that helps ag retailers foster relationships with farmers by offering tools and insights that make it easier to create and share custom crop plans, make important purchasing decisions, manage inventory, and deliver exceptional value. Users can run what-if analyses, quote prices, and track team progress without being bogged down by boundary mapping and shapefile sharing or other barriers that make most agronomic software too cumbersome to use.

"We've taken our years of experience servicing farmers directly and applied those learnings into building technology. RALLY is an easy-to-use platform that has only what sellers need and none of what they don't. It's helping our partners grow sales, save time, and strengthen relationships. We've been consistent in our commitment to providing technology solutions that drive outcomes, visibility, and better relationships—and doing so with simplicity. With this rebrand, we're aligning our verbal and visual identity with our business and product strategy," adds Valencsin.

Growers develops solutions that make it easier for the ag retailer to do business with their farmer customers. Our platform includes tools for managing relationships and communications, planning, planting, fertilizing, and treating growing fields. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Growers employs a team of engineers, developers, agronomists, and product specialists serving a rapidly growing customer base across the U.S.

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