Webee SmartFarm™ Platform for Connected Agriculture Delivers Immediate ROI

Deploys Quickly Without Coding Into Existing Environments for Complete Real-time Visibility into Growing and Processing Operations of Crops, Grains, Livestock, Poultry and Seafood

Webee SmartFarm™, a turnkey platform purpose-built for connected agriculture that deploys in minutes without technical know-how, was launched today by award-winning industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) innovator Webee. The no-code Webee SmartFarm platform cuts implementation time - even across large operations - from months to days. This enables producers of crops, grains, livestock, poultry and seafood to quickly increase production and reduce disease, for a rapid, measurable return on investment. Webee provides a much-needed alternative to advanced agricultural monitoring solutions that are too time-, engineering- and capital-intensive to justify despite benefits in operational efficiency and product quality. Compatible with existing infrastructure and data sources, Webee SmartFarm makes it easy and affordable to connect an infinite array of sensors for the industry's most accurate real-time anomaly detection and visibility into any agricultural operation as it scales.

Webee SmartFarm aggregates heterogeneous smart farming sensor data with third-party environmental and other contextual information to create a highly granular picture of the wellness and productivity of live plants and animals or the condition of stored agricultural products. With Webee's NLP-powered analytics, users can make sense of sensor-generated data by asking questions and receiving answers about the state of their agricultural operations in natural language. In sharp contrast to solutions that require technical talent to code use-case specific applications and dashboards, Webee's Visual Designer does not require coding or specialized expertise.

"Webee combines the best aspects of data engineering and intelligence on top of time series data, putting actionable insight into the hands of users at the exact moment they need it," said Mike Leone, senior analyst at ESG. "Their flexible platform allows customers to make changes and adjustments in real time across a multitude of use cases out of the box."

Smart Farming Made Simple and Cost Effective

Agriculture operators often struggle with the overall complexity of their infrastructures as well as connectivity issues pertaining to geographically dispersed sensors. The inability to immediately correlate anomalies in environmental or disease conditions to harmful effects on plants, animals and stored products can lead to delayed problem detection, inefficiencies and millions of dollars in losses. Since margins are tight, producers also need to see ROI fast, which deters them from making investments in modern but complicated software and hardware technologies that would lead to more streamlined operations.

Webee's cost- and time-effective no-code solution deploys quickly, allows sensors to be connected in places with scarce connectivity without adding any significant additional costs and sends users real-time notifications about anomalies, so they can promptly make necessary changes to preserve and improve agricultural assets. By detecting diseases and other anomalies early, protocols to lower their impact can be activated before disaster strikes.

"Webee drastically removes the technical barriers, time and cost for farmers and enterprises to obtain real-time information about their yields and agriculture operations. By supporting a full range of LoRa® devices connected through a LoRaWAN® network , monitoring items such as soil moisture, leaf wetness and among others, the growers can access real-time visibility to prevent diseases in the crops, evaluate the growing process and make decisions related to irrigation without the need for technical skills—improving the quality and efficiency of their production," said Marc Pegulu, vice president of IoT for Semtech's Wireless and Sensing Products Group.

A renowned coffee company uses leaf wetness sensors to capture the temperature, humidity in the air and the luminosity of the coffee plants. This data is combined with other environmental information and then accessed, processed and analyzed in real time by Webee SmartFarm. This enables them to improve the accuracy of their coffee planting strategy and get ahead of potentially severe problems early on.

"We democratize access to the most advanced smart farming technology available today. Many different kinds of agricultural producers approach us with specific indoor, outdoor and in-transit problems that can be addressed with connected solutions. Our customers experience around a 20% increase in operational efficiency or more," said Webee founder and CEO Lucas Funes. "One such use case involved partnering with a systems integrator to boost egg hatchling results by improving egg hatchling birth rates for poultry producers. The sensors monitoring the industrial egg incubators capture real-time information about factors such as temperature, humidity and ventilation, which is then displayed on a scalable and secure dashboard that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere."

A vast range of agriculture use cases benefit from Webee SmartFarm, including:

Crops: monitor soil conditions in real time, such as temperature, humidity and nitrogen; identify risks at an early stage to protect crops from frost, heat, pests, disease and inefficient irrigation; improve fertilization process by understanding soil conditions; and increase the quality of a crop yield by means of optimized tunnel management and field-specific weather forecasts
Grains: access real-time post-harvest data; avoid spoilage and ensure temperature and humidity for ideal storage conditions at all times; and monitor the condition of silo bags and their movement to prevent theft or damage
Livestock and poultry: monitor vital signs in real time; understand environmental conditions that can affect quality of life; optimize quality controls by automating simple tasks; and monitor air quality to ensure the airflow is sufficient for proper heat dissipation
Aquaculture and fisheries: monitor population and water temperature in fisheries and oysters beds; perform cold chain monitoring to ensure freshness throughout the supply chain; and collect data about water salinity
Organizations interested in learning more about connected agriculture with the Webee SmartFarm platform can sign up for a live demo.

About Webee

Webee develops IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and AI solutions that save enterprises millions of dollars and facilitate sustainable operations through actionable access to real-time data about complex business processes. The company's unique, no-code visual platform for building complex IoT applications for the industrial and commercial markets enables customers to immediately realize ROI from IoT technology without interrupting operations. Webee's patented toolset allows organizations worldwide to improve operational efficiency through easy-to-install sensors and intuitive software that allows the development and deployment of smart applications without coding.

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