Leading Canadian Greenhouse Company Hydroserre Chooses Artemis as Digital Partner

Hydroserre announces Artemis as its technology partner in Canada

Hydroserre today announced the selection of Artemis as its technology partner for providing cultivation management software for its locations. Hydroserre is one of the largest greenhouse companies in Quebec.

Hydroserre produces local vegetables in greenhouses year-round. They have two major brands on the market: Mirabel and VÔG. Mirabel is well known for its Boston lettuces and specialty lettuces like the Curly Lettuce or Fleur de Mirabel. Their second brand is VÔG which grows only organic vegetables: cucumbers, mini cukes, and bell peppers. In one of their divisions, they also have expertise in transplants and supply 65% of all vegetable transplants to farmers in Quebec.

Hydroserre operates over 30 hectares of greenhouse production and is one of the top three growers in Quebec. Specializing in cultivating delicious fresh vegetables in greenhouses year-round (including one the size of 40 football fields!), the growers at Laitues Mirabel grow fungicide- and herbicide-free Boston lettuce and other specialty lettuces like curly, mache and Fleur de Mirabel prioritizing 100% renewable energy and hydroponic systems that use less water than traditional agriculture.

"We selected Artemis because they are best-in-class at managing growing operations. With Artemis, we're going to push our innovation even further with a 2.0 approach. Artemis' cultivation-first approach and integration friendly setup gives us whole-greenhouse management and it's exactly what we were looking for our controlled environment," said Simon Terrault, VP Operations.

Artemis is the leading software provider in the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry, working with many of the top growers in the world. The software helps organizations run their businesses with better accountability and efficiency. Growers using Artemis have increase profits by more than 10% annually.

"Hydroserre has always been a shining example of what can be done in horticulture and we are thrilled to be partnering to take their operational management to the next level. More and more growers are looking to digital solutions to help bring accountability and transparency to the growing operations and we're the only company who has focused exclusively on these aspects of the business. Artemis and Hydroserre are a perfect fit," says Allison Kopf, CEO of Artemis.

This announcement follows Artemis' team expansion in Canada and continued growth with some of the largest growers in North America.

About Hydroserre
Hydroserre is a family business that grows greenhouse vegetables in Canada. They produce Boston and specialty lettuces under the Mirabel brand and organic peppers, cucumbers and mini cukes under the VÔG brand. Sustainable agriculture drives their decisions and this is why they prioritize the use of renewable energy and hydroponic systems that use less water than traditional agriculture.

About Artemis
Artemis is the market leading Cultivation Management Platform for enterprise greenhouses, indoor and high tunnel farms. The CMP enables growers to optimize their facilities for profitability by tracking all their operations and production data in one place. Artemis can integrate with existing systems (climate control, accounting, ERP), offering a bird's eye view of productivity and compliance.

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