Vertical Field signs agreement for Vertical Farms deployments in Ukraine

National distributor, Moderntrendo S.R.O, will promote Vertical Field for nationwide FaaS deployments with initial pilot with Varus Supermarkets

Vertical Field, an innovative agtech company that specializes in vertical farming, has signed an agreement with Moderntrendo S.R.O, one of the largest agricultural distributors in Ukraine, for a promotion of nationwide deployments of vertical farms. Vertical Field will conduct an initial pilot at Varus, one of the biggest national supermarket chains in the country, in early 2021 before expanding to other chains. Varus operates 95 stores across 25 cities and attracts approximately 260,000 customers daily.

Vertical Field has developed and commercialized unique soil-based vertical farms in containers that produce locally sourced vegetables. These indoor farms are capable of growing a variety of fresh greens and other vegetables through the company's proprietary technology. Vertical Field's farms therefore offer a unique on-site service for local supermarkets, restaurants, outdoor markets and distribution centers.

Vertical Field customers benefit from advanced farming that produces pesticide-free and exceptionally fresh vegetables. Vertical Field's technology is more efficient and generates less waste than conventional agriculture, utilizing 90% less water, while growing precise quantities in a controlled environment, and achieving shorter growing cycles. The Company offers 365 days a year 'in season' produce regardless of geography, physical location, weather and climate conditions, with consistently high product quality. The farms are modular, expandable, and moveable, with fully automated crop management, and a sterile environment that requires significantly less human contact. The crops that are currently offered include: lettuce, basil, parsley, kale, mint and others, sold at highly competitive prices.

Guy Elitzur, the CEO of Vertical Field, said, "We are extremely excited about our partnership with Moderntrendo S.R.O which has led to the project with Varus and will lead to more projects in the near future with more chains in Ukraine. One of the realizations that have surfaced during the COVID-19 crisis is the need to develop solutions that allow urban residents access to healthy food, with minimal human handling and without depending on transportation and shipping from remote locations. We are delighted to be able to provide- and expand access to- healthy, and high-quality vegetables grown right outside the consumer's door."

Bondar Denis, Director Moderntrendo SRO, said, "Today, we are creating a pilot project together with Vertical Field, which in the future will only benefit society, because the introduction of innovative and proprietary technologies for vertical cultivation of products for the urban ecosystem by Vertical Field is a new level in the Ukrainian market."

About Vertical Field:

Vertical Field is an agtech company that develops innovative & proprietary vertical growing technologies for the urban ecosystem. Established in 2006, Vertical Field developed soil-based vertical growing systems that make the most efficient use of urban spaces- indoors and outdoors- for both agricultural and smart landscaping purposes. Vertical Field's integrative solutions include two sectors: Vertical Farming & Smart Landscaping. The company is operated by professionals, agronomists, researchers, and a multi-disciplinary team, enabling the development of smart plant-based solutions that combine the best of design and manufacturing, smart computerized monitoring, soil-based technology, water and lighting technology and more.

About Moderntrendo S.R.O:

The company holds a leading position in the supply of products in Turkey, Eastern Europe and Asia. The main activity of the company is focused on rapeseed, corn, soybean and sunflower vegetable oils. A well-proven, complex business model aligned with local manufacturing technology and based on senior management expertise, together with advanced management technology and employee professionalism, is becoming a key factor in the organization's success. The company sets and maintains high business standards to ensure transparency and minimize risks. We strive to make our products the benchmark for quality. We are guided by the needs and values of our customers and partners. We rely on the professionalism and high potential of our employees, and also adhere to the principles of technology.

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