FarmERP Empowering Farmers and Soaring Agribusinesses through Smart Solutions

FarmERP received a breakthrough in 2001 and since then has been breaking records and delivering Smart Agriculture solutions and changing the game of Indian agriculture.

India is a global agricultural powerhouse. Indian agriculture and its associated sectors have witnessed a green, white, yellow, and blue revolution over the years. Agriculture is India's largest source of livelihood; it contributes a significant figure to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Despite Indian agriculture being a global and national powerhouse, it has been facing various challenges such as raising agricultural productivity per unit of land, reducing rural poverty through a social strategy, making sure that agricultural growth responds to food security needs. It is also extremely important to enhance agricultural productivity, raise awareness, and promote agritech to reform and transform the face of agriculture.

The Foundation and Enhancement of FarmERP:-

Shivrai Technologies was a software company established by young first-generation entrepreneurs Sanjay Borkar and Santosh Shinde in 1996. They started with a vision to change the face of agriculture through Information Technology solutions. Back then digital means weren't used widely and executing such a version was extremely strenuous. FarmERP received a breakthrough in 2001 and since then has been breaking records and delivering Smart Agriculture solutions and changing the game of Indian agriculture.

It was in the early 2000s when the prototype of Farm Management was created which benefited hundreds of farmers, agribusiness, and institutions. From then onwards, FarmERP went on to assist and empower farmers and created strong pillars such as food safety, traceability, climate resilience, farmer empowerment for which they strongly stand for.

Over the years FarmERP has worked with, world-leading IoT providers, weather companies, satellite imagery companies, buyers, farmers, research, and development institutions in and outside India and Agribusinesses in a B2B manner and formed a long-term partnership with them for growing and improving offerings. They've recorded heightening acceptability for their comprehensive agriculture ERP platform across the world reaching 25+ Countries.

Empowering Farmers and Soaring Agribusinesses through Smart Solutions:-

Many farmers in rural India lack the knowledge and awareness required to understand the new age of farming and supply chains. This has resulted in poor yield or they are at loss to sell their produce due to which they become unsuccessful in meeting the minimum required quality standards. These challenges with an erratic climate threaten the livelihood of millions of smallholder and marginal farmers.

FarmERP has been empowering and helping agribusinesses grow ever since its inception in 2001 with their future-ready smart agriculture solutions which help achieve higher efficiency, higher yields, higher profitability, and complete traceability. FarmERP has also been actively aiding and supporting farmers on the ground, by working personally and preparing them for the future of agriculture.

FarmERP now has worked with 500+ Clients from all over the globe and has a 40% increase in productivity with Agribusinesses and 30% with Farmers. The company's business growth post-COVID has been 60%. FarmERP now foresees a 300% growth in the coming years.

A Global Pandemic's Impact:-

The Agricultural sector caters to the food consumption needs of the entire country, while also being one of the top exporters of agricultural produce in the world. The nationwide lockdown resulted in a knee-jerk reaction to various farmers and right up to the transport and manufacturing associate sectors.

The hardest hit during the lockdown and pandemic were daily wage workers and smallholding farmers who work on the field or behind counters to make ends meet. The lockdown contributed to a huge loss faced due to various reasons such as restriction of movement and transportation and disruption in the supply chain.

FarmERP has been diligently working towards improving and empowering smallholding and marginal farmers who are suffering due to such circumstances. FarmERP collaborated with MAHAFPC to implement technology that will aid the working patterns of MAHAFPC in a way that helps bring their entire business operations over a single digital platform - FarmERP, and bring out an end to end traceability, mitigate climate risks along with assuring consistent supply to their customers.

FarmERP also worked ardently to assist farmers in drought-prone regions of Maharashtra, to create sustainable, safe, climate-resilient and traceable agricultural practices to better the condition of the farmers in India. COVID brought a huge strain on the agriculture sector thus it was imperative for FarmERP to assist and help the present and future of farming with their smart agricultural solutions and platform.

Featured Product

The ERT150 - Dorner’s Next Evolution of Edge Roller Technology Conveyors

The ERT150 - Dorner's Next Evolution of Edge Roller Technology Conveyors

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