New ultrasonic sensors designed for storage and dispensing silos, adaptable for many other uses

Sensor manufacturer Madison Company has released the new U5098 series of ultrasonic sensors for depths up to 32 feet, perfect for many tough agricultural applications.

Madison Company, a leading manufacturer of liquid level sensors, has announced the new U5098 series of ultrasonic sensors for depths up to 32 feet, perfect for an array of agricultural applications.

The new U5098 ultrasonic sensors provide non-contact continuous level measurement of challenging medias such as sticky, semi-solid, corrosive, and viscous fluids, slurries and even some solids. The U5098 line of sensors can be used indoors or outdoors, are low maintenance and can be cost-effective in difficult applications.

U5098 Ultrasonic Sensor Features:
* Sensing ranges up to 32 feet for commercial, light industrial applications
* Various input power options: 120, 240 and 22 - 27 VAC, and 20 - 30 VDC
* Can be combined with Madison panel meters for a readily available way to read the 4-20mA output
* 2 programmable relays capable of 3 amps each for switching controllers, valves, small pumps, etc.
* Bench-or field-calibrated through a push button on the sensor or communications with a PC for calibration on the spot or remotely
* Temperature-compensated signal for improved accuracy

These sensors are particularly well suited for demanding agriculatural applications such as:
* Storage and dispensing silos
* Water and wastewater
* Fuel/oil measurement
* Tanks with heavy agitation
* Feed measurement & processing

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E+E Elektronik - Agricultural Monitoring Products

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