GP Solutions Helps Change the Face of Farming

Sector attracts interest from high profile investors as consumers increasingly demand safe, nutritious food with traceability back to the farm

GP Solutions, Inc. (OTC:GWPD), developer of GrowPods - innovative controlled environment indoor micro-farms, said that it is changing the face of farming in America.

As high profile investors including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Alphabet (parent to Google) Chairman, Eric Schmidt have made notable investments into indoor farming companies, consumers are starting to pay closer attention to where and how their food was grown.

GP Solutions developed GrowPods so that consumers can get food that is even better than organic. These "SuperFoods" can have a major impact on consumers health as well as on the environment.

SuperFoods often have more beneficial nutrients than their conventionally-grown counterparts.
SuperFoods contain no pesticides or chemicals such as fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides that are widely used in conventional agriculture and can remain in the food we eat.
SuperFoods are often fresher because they don't contain preservatives.
SuperFoods are better for the environment because Controlled Environment Micro-Farming conserves water, reduces soil erosion, and can shorten the time and distance food needs to travel to get from the grower to the store, thus significantly reducing air pollution.
Modern Agriculture Magazine says vertical farms are on the rise. "There are currently 2.2 million square feet of indoor farms operating across the globe, and that number is expected to increase almost tenfold to 22 million square feet in the next five years," according to the publication.

With some of the world's leading investors backing indoor farming technology, it is now abundantly clear: New solutions are necessary to meet consumers' demand for fresh and wholesome food.

GP Solutions is helping meet this challenge by developing indoor growing systems that provide fresh, highly nutritious food with transparency and traceability.

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