Intellias Releases Infographics on Borderless Tech Ecosystems and the Future of Agriculture

The aim of this infographics is to show how a technology ecosystem can mitigate global challenges faced by farmers today and in the coming years.

Recognizing the challenges of a growing population and climate changes, which put farmers and agribusinesses at risk, Intellias, a software development and consulting company, has prepared an infographics on Borderless Tech Ecosystem and the Future of Agriculture. The aim of this infographics is to show how a technology ecosystem can mitigate global challenges faced by farmers today and in the coming years.

The Intellias infographics reveal critical factors such as climate change, increased food demand, population growth, and decreased farmland that will shape the future of agriculture. To face these severe challenges that directly impact agribusinesses, farmers should rely on advanced technology in agriculture provided by AgriTech companies.

The critical point in the development of farming technologies will be uniting separate solutions into one cohesive and seamless ecosystem, empowering farmers to access the technologies most relevant to their needs via a single integration. Intellias showcases what such a tech ecosystem might look like and gives advice for AgriTech providers on how to help farmers fight global challenges their businesses are facing.

The Borderless Tech Ecosystem and the Future of Agriculture infographics provide valuable insights to farmers and AgriTech companies on how to adapt their business models for the future of agriculture. In offering these infographics, Intellias wants to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable agricultural practices, wise use of resources, and the critical role the newest technologies in agriculture will play in determining what's on the world's menu tomorrow.

About Intellias
Since 2002, Intellias has been a trusted software engineering partner and R&D services provider for established agribusinesses and AgriTech startups all over the world.

Intellias team of 1600 software engineers has accumulated knowledge within the agricultural industry that allowed the company to create unified farm management systems, horticultural lighting solutions for indoor farms, weather monitoring tools, and a wide range of precision farming solutions. Intellias has been recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in Europe.

For more information, reach out to Intellias or stop by offices in Germany, Poland, and Ukraine.

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