AG&P Launches Specialized Agriculture Workforce Solutions to Meet Demand for Seasonal Farm Workers

Houston-based AG&P Americas has launched a new service line offering workforce solutions for the U.S. agriculture sector amid shortages in seasonal farm labor.

Houston-based AG&P Americas has launched a new service line offering workforce solutions for the U.S. agriculture sector amid shortages in seasonal farm labor.

Headquartered in Spring, Texas, AG&P Fieldwork - Agriculture Services provides farmers with seasonal labor teams customized to the exact needs of their farm. Its services encompass the full range of domestic and foreign seasonal worker requirements, including candidate selection, background checks, consulate coordination, onboarding, health screening, payroll, employee monitoring and off boarding services. Other services include:

Meal arrangements
Daily transportation to and from work location
Health checks and medical screening
Worker supervision
English-speaking translation services
Government and client reporting
"As the harvest season draws near, acres of high-value crops sit ready to be picked, yet there is a shortage of experienced laborers to pick them. Our Agriculture Services team can solve this problem by providing solutions tailored to specific business requirements, taking away the time-consuming and administrative burden of securing a dependable and productive seasonal workforce," said Rachelle Goebel, President of AG&P Americas.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the U.S. agriculture sector needs up to 2 million temporary workers every year to support farming, harvesting and livestock management. Seasonal guest workers play a crucial role, with roughly 70% of field labor and 30% of meat and poultry workers hired from outside the U.S. This year, seasonal workers have become harder to secure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Our agriculture sector makes a vital contribution to our economy and seasonal workers play an important role in ensuring crops are picked and harvested in time. The entire AG&P team takes tremendous pride in supporting the #StillFarming initiative, which underlines the resilience and dedication of American farmers to grow and bring food to our tables," Goebel added.

Kat Lewton, AG&P's Vice President of Business Development said: "This year, there is heightened anxiety around securing experienced seasonal workers that are ready and equipped to be productive on day one. That's where our Agriculture Services team can help. We've received considerable interest and endorsements from industry organizations, who recognize the value of the services we are providing to American farmers and ranchers."

About AG&P Fieldwork - Agriculture Services

Headquartered in Spring, Texas, with regional offices throughout the U.S., AG&P Fieldwork - Agriculture Services is one of the fastest-growing providers of specialty labor solutions for the American agriculture sector. We offer comprehensive seasonal labor solutions for the agriculture industry, securing the right workforce resources to support the operations and business needs of farmers and processors. We have over 40 years' experience mobilizing fieldwork teams, winning multiple awards for service excellence and achieving an unrivaled safety record. AG&P is a global leader in manpower deployment to major oil and gas projects world-wide.

To learn more about AG&P Fieldwork - Agriculture Services, visit

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