Farmshelf Announces Launch of Farmshelf Home

Smart Indoor Farming Company Begins Pre-Order For Its First Consumer-Facing Product

Farmshelf, the company that started by helping top chefs like José Andrés and Marcus Samuelsson grow fresh produce on site in their restaurant is now launching its long-anticipated consumer product, Farmshelf Home. The new home model, available via pre-order beginning today, will allow people to grow fresh leafy greens and herbs in their homes with the help of a remotely monitored, smart hydroponic system.

"Our mission has always been to make it easy for people to grow their own food where they live, work and eat. We started where they work and eat at restaurants and corporate cafes, now we are coming to the home," noted Andrew Shearer, founder and CEO of Farmshelf. "Giving people the opportunity to harvest food as it's needed will not only elevate the idea of ‘farm to table, but help reduce the ongoing cycle of food waste."

Farmshelf Home allows its users to trim as much or as little produce as needed, all while the rest of the crop continues to grow. Similar to its current commercial model, the secret to successful growing is in the tech. The Farmshelf app, remotely monitors the plants with cameras and sensors - acting as a virtual green thumb. Additionally, custom LEDs, a circulating water system and a closed environment create the optimal plant ecosystem making the growing process simple for the home user and easy to place anywhere in the home.

Units are currently slated to ship in Spring 2021 and consumers interested in pre-order can visit

About Farmshelf

Founded in 2016, Farmshelf is a smart indoor farming company that makes it easy for restaurants, hotels, schools and consumers to grow their own leafy greens and herbs in an attention-grabbing, compact, on-site installation. For additional information, please visit:

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