Simply Fresh donates food and essential supplies to underprivileged kids and needy people

Simply Fresh Private Limited was founded in 2013 by two Indian software engineers, based in Australia, Sachin Darbarwar (CEO) and Shweta Darbarwar (CMO) who studied the modern Agri tech, i.e., plant-profiling, and R&D. Simply fresh uses global technology in farming based on European standards using precision farming techniques. The farm uses AI technology in farming for growing, nourishing, picking and processing. Farming uses sustainable practices that don't exhaust natural resources. Simply Fresh Farms produces a full line of Medicinal plants and fresh produce year-round at our greenhouses located in Hyderabad. They are a grower-owned processor adhering to industry-leading food safety and quality standards.

In the wake of the COVID -19 pandemic and the shortage of food and daily essentials such as vegetables and pulses, Simply Fresh- India's premium greenhouse supply chain has donated groceries & essential food items to the underprivileged kids from an orphanage in Arjunpatla, Hyderabad. Simply Fresh provided groceries and vegetables to the Orphanage, which will suffice for all kids for almost one month.

Furthermore, Simply Fresh employees have come together to contribute a part of their salary and distributed food to more than 300 needy people through Police Commissioner's initiative in Hyderabad.
Simply Fresh is a 150-acre precision farm with international standards of medicinal plants and fresh produce in a climate-controlled greenhouse. Simply Fresh has implemented strict measures to ensure all their members, employees, partners, stakeholders remain safe from COVID-19. The management has undertaken an extensive drive to educate their employees on the seriousness of Coronavirus, identifying infections, and measures to safeguard them from being infected. Simply Fresh is committed to facilitate uninterrupted movement of essential goods & services amidst the lockdown and is operational with all safety and health protocols. The company is providing daily basic food and hygiene essentials to 400+ employees working at farm. Simply Fresh is also arranging regular doctor visit along with the support of local cops and panchayat to check on health and well-being of all people working at farm.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sachin Darbarwar, Founder Simply Fresh India Limited says, "These are the challenging times for the less privileged communities as procurement & accessibility of essential items is a big challenge. We want to leverage Simply Fresh's capability to solve these problems and make it convenient for these communities. We are confident that our contribution will have a positive impact on the communities that have been hit hardest by this unprecedented crisis. The entire team at Simply Fresh is proud to be able to help make a difference in the battle against this virus"

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