Dark Heart Announces Grand Opening of Cannabis Biosciences Facility Half Moon Bay

Dark Heart Nursery (DHN), a leading California based cannabis genomics, diagnostics and applied biotechnology company, is pleased to announce the opening of their brand new 70,000 sq. ft facility this Spring.

OAKLAND, CA, (03/04/2020) - Dark Heart Nursery (DHN), a leading California based cannabis genomics, diagnostics and applied biotechnology company, is pleased to announce the opening of their brand new 70,000 sq. ft facility this Spring.

Dark Heart Nursery (DHN), a leading California based cannabis genomics, diagnostics and applied biotechnology company, is pleased to announce the opening of a new 70,000 sq. ft square foot production and research nursery facility in Half Moon Bay, California. Capitalizing on the success of their Oakland California facility. Dark Heart is aggressively investing in plant science. The company's recent discovery of Hop Latent Viroid in cannabis is driving robust demand for clean plants across California. The Half Moon Bay facility will enable Dark Heart to meet the continued and growing demand for its disease-free, premium genetic material by both retail and commercial customers. Dark Heart was the first company to identify and eradicate the devastating Hop Latent Viroid (HpLVd) pathogen. As a result of increasing awareness of the disease, there is growing demand throughout California for diagnostic / curative services and clean outsourced genetics. The facility will help address that need.

Since its inception over 12 years ago, Dark Heart has gained an unparalleled reputation for its high-quality cannabis plants. Among other achievements, Dark Heart was the first cannabis nursery to incorporate tissue culture technology into its plant production systems, ensuring high-quality clean plants. In recent years they've pioneered new value-adding product configurations such as seedlings, and teens. They also offer a broad selection of plants to home growers through retail dispensaries.
"Here at Dark Heart, we strive to support industry & consumer growth and success. As our customers look to grow and diversify their businesses, Dark Heart provides solutions to help customers achieve their goals, bringing new opportunities for us and our customers." said Dan Grace, CEO." We are very much looking forward to our new Half Moon Bay production facility which will allow us to more successfully meet the needs of large scale producers throughout California, and allowing us to introduce new product lines to meet the ever-changing needs of California's cultivation economy. This facility represents a significant milestone in Dark Heart core mission to help farmers thrive."

In addition to its core production capability, the new facility will be home to the company's emerging plant breeding program, where Dark Heart will produce new standout varieties and seed stock.
The Dark Heart team includes a well-rounded group of scientific professionals, business leaders, horticulturalists and industry veterans who are dedicated to driving Cannabis innovation forward. This facility represents a significant milestone in the team's core mission to empower farmers to thrive.

About Dark Heart Nursery:
Dark Heart's mission is to empower growers to thrive by pioneering innovative products and services.Dark Heart is one of California's oldest and most respected cannabis brands, having garnered a reputation over the past 12 years for their high-quality clones. Headquartered
In Oakland, California, the company employs over 60 people at four locations. Dark Heart is focused on research, plant genetics and pathology to ensure its customers are afforded high-quality, pest and disease-free, plants. Dark Heart also offers diagnostic and curative services for the HpLVd viroid and other plant pathogens. For additional information please visit www.darkheartnursery.com.

About CEO- Dan Grace:
Dan Grace co-founded Dark Heart Nursery (DHN) in 2007 as a B2B nursery in the emerging medical cannabis industry. He has a deep lifelong passion for horticulture and was introduced to the industry through activism. His work at Dark Heart serves the twin goals of advancing cannabis legalization and cannabis agricultural science.
Dan is committed to the development of cannabis sciences and is proud of their breakthrough work in the field. Under Dan's leadership, Dark Heart has introduced countless groundbreaking new strains to the industry, opened the industry's first commercial tissue culture facility, identified that Hop Latent Viroid is the cause of "dudding" in cannabis, introduced commercial production of feminized seedlings to the industry, and much more.
Dan passionately commits himself to the political landscape and contributes his time to local and statewide efforts including that of the California Cannabis Industry Association. He's been active in developing cannabis regulatory programs at all levels of government including the Marijuana Regulation & Safety Act, AUMA and subsequent legislation.
Dan believes that the cannabis industry is the next great American industry, and that it can be a new kind of industry to boot. One that emerges out of social activism, remembers its roots, and continues to promote social justice and change. To that end, Dan has been active with numerous nonprofits and change agents, and is particularly proud of his work founding Team Cannabis, and industry wide partnership to raise money to end HIV and AIDS.

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