American Crop Insurance Partners with Farmers Edge to Provide Superior Insurance Services and Personalized Coverage to Growers

Differentiating their business from the traditional insurance model, the partnership equips the agency with a simple solution to grow revenue, streamline claims, and automate acreage reporting

American Crop Insurance, a provider of insurance services in the Northeast region of the United States, has partnered with Farmers Edge™, a global leader in digital agriculture, to disrupt the traditional insurance model and create a superior, data-driven experience. The alliance equips American Crop Insurance with a turnkey digital solution to expand their business, attract elite growers, and gain a strategic position in a fiercely competitive market.

The solution includes access to a vertically integrated farm risk management platform—FarmCommand®—with a suite of digital tools to enhance data management for growers and give them the option to share information with the agency to automate acreage reporting and claim filings. Powered by in-field sensors and artificial intelligence, the platform transforms data into insights and includes severe weather forecasting, highly accurate predictive crop models, advanced scouting tools, and automatic crop health change detection to help growers optimize crop production and monitor their fields from anywhere. Additionally, the platform includes Smart Claim™ and Smart Reporting™, bridging the gap between field data collection and reporting.

"American Crop Insurance is proud of our high-tech, personalized approach to working with growers, and our partnership with Farmers Edge is enabling us to take it to the next level," said Jim Stinson, general sales manager, American Crop Insurance. "We're excited to create new tailored services for our growers and provide a faster, more efficient way to work together that saves them a lot of time and reduces the headaches of keeping paper-based records. The digital revolution in ag is in full force; paving the way for our growers to realize the benefits of connected farming is one of our top business priorities."

With over 291 million insured acres in the United States, insurance companies are embracing digital tools to gain a deeper understanding of their growers' farm operations and create value-added products. Armed with complete, consistent data that is free from bias, American Crop Insurance can proactively manage risk and alert their growers of any pending or predicted claims. This digital connection establishes season-long engagement, enabling the agency to deliver personalized protection that matches each farm with the right risk mitigation plan.

"Insurance is a data-rich and labor-intensive industry. By creating a seamless connection with their growers, American Crop Insurance can tap into real-time data, ensuring they have the highest-quality data sets to support personalized services," said Wade Barnes, Farmers Edge CEO and co-founder. "This partnership positions the agency as a leader in their industry, embracing the changing technological needs of growers while also streamlining internal processes to foster business growth."

About Farmers Edge

Farmers Edge is a global leader in digital agriculture delivering cutting-edge solutions powered by a unique combination of field-centric data, artificial intelligence, and complete integration. Since 2005, Farmers Edge has transformed the industry with disruptive technologies, and strategic partnerships designed to enhance connectivity across the entire agricultural ecosystem. With the most comprehensive data management platform on the market-FarmCommand™-Farmers Edge is revolutionizing the way farmers, agricultural professionals, and agri-businesses interact with data. Moving at the speed of digital with an elite team focused on innovation, machine learning, and IoT, Farmers Edge is creating new opportunities for all stakeholders, shaping the future of agriculture worldwide.

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