Locus Agricultural Solutions Joins World Leaders at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 25) to Discuss Transforming Food and Agriculture Systems into Essential Climate Solutions

One of world’s first ag input suppliers with B Corp certification will also join other B Corps to pledge new climate commitments on an international stage

SOLON, Ohio (December 2, 2019) Locus Agricultural Solutions® (Locus AG), a certified B Corp™, is attending the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid (COP25) and has been invited to the Marrakech Partnership Roundtable on how to transform food and agriculture systems into essential climate solutions. The company will later join other B Corps on the main stage to announce a major climate commitment.

Topics for the invite-only Roundtable include how to build climate-resilient agriculture and food value chains and identify challenges and opportunities to scale solutions.

"Locus AG is thrilled to be joining world leaders at COP 25 to explore ways to rapidly transform our food and agriculture systems to deliver environmental, social and economic benefits," said Karthik Karathur, President of Locus AG. "Of particular interest is the growing number of food and agribusiness companies that want to make their supply chains climate smart and resilient. This is exactly what our breakthrough soil amendment Rhizolizer is designed to do."

Recent field tests on six key crops found that Rhizolizer has the potential to remove over 1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents from the atmosphere annually and reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. by 5.8%1. This is equivalent to offsetting emissions of over 218 million passenger vehicles2 per year.

Another conference highlight will be a pledge by Locus AG and other B Corps to operate their businesses more sustainably.

The COP 25 engagement comes on the heels of Rhizolizer winning the global Crop Science Award for Best New Biostimulant of the Year based on its unique ability to address the interrelated challenges of reversing climate change and increasing food security.

The Roundtable is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019 from 11:30-13:00 GMT and the B Corp announcement is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019 from 15:00 and 16:30 GMT.

About Locus Agricultural Solutions®
Locus Agricultural Solutions (Locus AG) is a B Corp that invented a microbrewery-type process to develop certified organic soil "probiotics" that help address interrelated challenges of reversing climate change and increasing food security. The award-winning biotechnology was designed from the ground up to increase soil health and make crops more productive and resilient, which accelerates soils' ability to sequester atmospheric carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions released from soils. Locus AG gets its core scientific capabilities from its parent company, Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS), an Ohio-based green technology company. For more information, visit

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