Ceres Greenhouse Solutions CEO, Chris Uhlig, to Speak at the German American Agricultural Technology Symposium

This year’s German American Business Series (GABS) will focus on key issues surrounding the rise of ag-tech in the state of Colorado. Energy-efficient greenhouse design will be one of the topics of discussion.

The German American Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Chapter, will be hosting the German American Agricultural Technology Symposium at the National Western Complex in Denver, CO on Thursday, September 19th, 2019. Chris Uhlig, German born CEO of Ceres Greenhouse Solutions, will be speaking on one of the event panels titled, "The 2030 Look: Sustainability, Profitability and Climate".

This day-long AgTech symposium will address important questions about agricultural technologies and their influence on Coloradan and German businesses. Attendees will include investors and innovators alike and will highlight new cutting edge technologies from Coloradan, national and international AgTech companies.

The event will start with a keynote speech about the importance of agriculture for Coloradan and German economies and will end with a farm to table meal for all attendees. Other panels will discuss opportunities such as the threats of digitalization to the German farmer and the importance of global market to local economies.

Chris Uhlig, comes from a team of engineers, architects, builders, plant experts, designers and tinkerers whose combined dream is to reinvent the traditional greenhouse. Ceres Greenhouse Solutions combines passive solar design principles with innovative heat-storage techniques to create the most energy-efficient, flexible and durable greenhouses for any climate in the world.

Chris will be representing Ceres Greenhouse Solutions at The German American Agricultural Technology Symposium and will bring the company's innovative mindset to his discussion panel.

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