HES Partners with OneSoil to Solve Problems Within the Agricultural Lending Sector

HiEnd Systems and OneSoil entered into a partnership to offer banks in the agricultural lending sector state-of-the-art loan recovery and credit scoring software.

HES (HiEnd Systems), LLC and OneSoil announced a strategic alliance to provide banks in the agricultural lending sector with advanced loan recovery and credit scoring mechanisms.

The collaborative product - WizeRise - addresses the issue of farm borrowers' creditworthiness in the loan application process. The platform provides a number of tools that help risk officers in their decision making process.

"The collection and further management of data have always been a burdensome issue for lenders in the farming domain. The combination of our technology with OneSoil's data-rich solution will permit banks to minimise risks when considering loans," commented Dmitry Dolgorukov, CEO of HES. "Together with OneSoil, HES is aiming to provide farm borrowers and banks with an exceptional tool that works for both parties."

The WizeRise solution offers:

A detailed borrower profile
Accurate credit scoring using machine learning
An advanced recovery mechanism
Vegetation process monitoring via satellites
Variable rates for nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus
Soil moisture and temperature measurement
"Our partner's rich expertise in B2B fintech product development and our vision in precision agriculture will help banks finance farming in a quick and efficient manner," said Viacheslav Mazai, CEO of OneSoil. "The transformation of the agricultural sector is evident. It's pretty clear that the domain needs a new solution to catch up with the changing industry environment. Besides, we consider the partnership with HES to be a great opportunity to enlarge OneSoil's presence in the lending market."

About HES
HES (HiEnd Systems), LLC delivers machine learning based banking and lending software to financial institutions across the globe. Evolved from PDS 2.0 methodology, HES products manage the full loan life cycle within a single system. For more information about the company, please visit: https://www.onlinelendingsoftware.com.

About OneSoil
OneSoil provides an AI-based precision farming platform to monitor acreages, predict farm activities, and increase productivity using satellite imagery and machine learning. For more information about OneSoil, please visit: http://www.onesoil.ai.

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