First-of-its-Kind Irrigation System Recognized on Global Stage

N-Drip revolutionizes irrigation; using less water to achieve higher yields at lower costs

270 entries across the globe were submitted for the Financial Times/International Finance Corporation (FT/IFC) Transformational Business Awards in London. N-Drip, manufacturer of the first gravity-powered micro-irrigation system, received the Overall Award for Excellence in Disruptive Technologies. In the words of the judges: "[N-Drip] has developed a solution that significantly increases the efficient use of water and energy in agriculture."

N-Drip combines the simplicity of flood irrigation with the high yields and precision of conventional drip. N-Drip's technology uses existing field infrastructure without the need for pumping facilities or filters as used in existing precise irrigation technologies; this reduces water and energy use by up to 70 percent while greatly reducing the cost of installation.

"The Financial Times award and the recognition it provides is an important milestone for us," said N-Drip CEO Eran Pollak. "We know the impact our system can have on the world's water crisis, and we are eager to spread the word. We are, of course, also honored to be recognized for our work."

N-Drip's mission is to lead the effort in solving the global water shortage by providing the ultimate alternative to flood irrigation, which has been the world's primary form of irrigation for nearly 5,000 years. It is still responsible for nearly 85 percent of irrigation around the world today. N-Drip believes if even half of all farmers convert from flood irrigation to N-Drip, the global water shortage crisis will be solved.

"It is our aim to help farmers across the globe increase their yields while reducing water consumption, protecting soil fertility and eliminating the need for external energy sources to irrigate crops," Pollak said.

N-Drip is currently in use by growers in Arizona, California and Texas - as well as Israel, Australia and Africa.

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About N-Drip
N-Drip manufactures a gravity micro-irrigation system that utilizes existing flood irrigation infrastructure to provide efficient drip irrigation. Based in Bnei Atarot, Israel, N-Drip encompasses a team of professional scientists and agronomists with years of experience in academic research at both large corporations and successful startups. Its mission is to solve the global water shortage by reducing water use in agriculture through a transformation in flood irrigation.

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