Quyntess & Lely Close Partnership for a Digital Supply Chain

“Quyntess solution, based on the Tradeshift business network, will enable Lely to digitize both its procurement and supply-chain processes globally".

Quyntess has been selected by Lely Industries as its partner for digital supplier integration and collaboration. Both companies aim for a long term partnership in which Quyntess's modular solution, based on the global Tradeshift business network, will enable Lely to digitize both its procurement and supply chain processes on a global scale. Through this solution, Lely aims to increase the consistency, transparency and operational performance of its supply chain; leveraging on improved data quality and a more flexible collaboration with external business partners.

"We are very excited to support Lely in their digital ambitions", said Rob van Ipenburg, CEO at Quyntess. "The fact that Lely, together with Procurement Services, had performed an extensive evaluation process over multiple vendors and products shows that our solution is strong, we can serve companies regardless of industry or level of digital-maturity, and ambitious companies value the innovation we bring to the table." Bart Kuijpers, Head of Data Value at Lely, indicated that the obvious efficiency gain is certainly not the only driver for this initiative: "In the near future, we are facing a significant increase in order volumes. Digitization allows us to upgrade the fulfillment capacity, in order to avoid impact on the lead-times and delivery reliability of these products".

About Quyntess:

Quyntess is committed to create better, faster, real-time collaboration processes across global supply chains at all levels of operational excellence and maturity. Our cloud-based service combines the power of B2B networks and web platform technologies to deliver a comprehensive solution for supply chain collaboration and procure-to-pay integration. Companies subscribing to our on-demand service benefit from increased effectiveness, substantial cost savings and improved competitiveness.

About Lely:

Founded in 1948, Lely directs all its efforts towards creating a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in farming. Circling the cow, the company develops premium robotics and data systems that increase animal welfare, flexibility and production on dairy farms. For over 25 years, Lely has led the market of automated milking systems globally. Every day, Lely inspires its employees to offer customers innovative solutions and be a reliable partner for long-term advice and support. Headquartered in The Netherlands, and with a worldwide network of dedicated sales and support locations, the Lely Group is active in more than 40 countries and employs around 1500 people.

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