GP Solutions Partners with Soilless Science Solutions to Create Premier Brand of "Living Soils"

Product line will heighten company's presence in $262 billion organic food market

GP Solutions (OTC: GWPD), owner of Grow Pod Solutions, a leading developer of modular automated micro-farms, has partnered with Soilless Science Solutions to create a proprietary lineup of premium "living soils."

These unique soil-less mediums contain no native soil. The mixtures contain beneficial microorganisms that form the foundation of highly active "living soils" that will produce abundant, healthy crops of all types.

Soil mixtures will be developed for a variety of crops - each with its own unique composition.

Additionally, the company will be pursuing registration for organic crop production.

The mixtures are plant-based, with no animal products. Compare this to other products that use animal waste, which inherently contain harmful pathogens and bacteria, and can contaminate crops and potentially cause widespread illness.

As the public becomes more aware of the dangers of traditional farming and the potential harm from "dirty" soil, consumers will start demanding their food is grown in clean environments using "healthy" soils.

GP Solutions will be providing this proprietary soil-less mixture to customers of GrowPod™ automated farms, as well as to the general public within the near future.

GrowPod™, by GP Solutions, is a modular and stackable indoor micro-farm that grows clean produce in a controlled environment. With specialized air and water filtration along with its proprietary "living soil" blends, the GrowPod™ system can produce some of the highest quality fruits, herbs and vegetables in the world.

"The traditional approach was to add chemicals, fertilizers, weed killers and other dangerous additives to soil and crops," said George Natzic, President of GP Solutions. "Today, we know this can be very harmful. I'm proud that GP Solutions is on the forefront of developing new, clean cultivation systems and products," he added. "This is a dawning of a new era in agriculture."

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