CSIRO US Brings Australian Food & AgTech Innovations to THRIVE

CSIRO US is an event sponsor and will be showcasing technology innovations that enable increased agriculture productivity.

CSIRO US, Australia's pre-eminent national science organization, today announced it is sponsoring and exhibiting at the annual THRIVE Innovation Summit being held on March 27, 2019 at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley, California.

The THRIVE Innovation Summit is held annually in Silicon Valley and attracts over 200 agribusiness leaders, investors, agtech and foodtech Start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and California and Midwest growers. The Summit is a unique opportunity to meet and hear from companies shaping the future of the agriculture supply chain with new disruptive technologies.

"We look forward to being part of THRIVE and sharing our exciting developments in phenomics and digital agriculture," said Dr. Michael Robertson, Acting Director of CSIRO Agriculture and Food. "The tools and apps we're developing are helping improve productivity, sustainability and profitability in a range of agriculture sectors."

The Summit will include a Showcase featuring CSIRO innovations that enable increased agriculture productivity through the use of big data, AI, sensors, drones, nanotechnology for agrochemicals and precision agriculture technologies.

"CSIRO US is proud to be sponsoring THRIVE in 2019. THRIVE enables our Australian science teams to showcase their innovations as part of their North America Go-To-Market initiatives and to meet valuable ecosystem partners. The event is a great opportunity to learn how innovative companies are reshaping the Food and Agriculture industry to sustainably feed the world," said Susan Lucas-Conwell, Executive Vice President of CSIRO US.

"THRIVE believes in the power of networking. Creating an environment where start-ups from around the world, thought leaders and global leaders can connect, learn and share is critical to driving innovation and adoption of technoloft," said John Hartnett, Founder and Chief Executive of SVG Ventures. "We welcome CSIRO US as a sponsor and leader in Food and Agriculture Technology."

Based in Silicon Valley, CSIRO US is the North American innovation center for CSIRO, Australia's pre-eminent national science organization, accelerating innovation through global science with more than 2,000 patents to date. CSIRO US facilitates relationships with Global 1,000 customers, USA government agencies, universities, and research institutions to turn big ideas into disruptive products. Learn more at http://www.csiro.us/ and follow us on LinkedIn.

About SVG Ventures -THRIVE
Since 2011, SVG Ventures has been building a global agtech innovation platform that accelerates, invests, and works with entrepreneurs, investors, and Fortune 500 food, agriculture, and technology corporations. As part of this initiative, THRIVE AgTech was launched in 2014 with a mission to solve key industry challenges, test technologies in the field and across the supply chain, and build partnerships within the ecosystem in order to shorten the time it takes to bring innovation to market. SVG Ventures is based in Silicon Valley, California.

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