Agri-Pulse announces California expansion

Agri-Pulse will distribute a West Coast edition of the early morning Daybreak Podcast, Daily Harvest email news aggregation, and the in-depth weekly Agri-Pulse Newsletter.

Agri-Pulse Communications is expanding coverage into California and other West Coast states. Today, 2,500 subscribers in California started receiving localized Agri-Pulse content through agreements with the California Association of Pest Control Advisors (CAPCA) and FMC Crop Protection.

"We have been planning our expansion into California and the Western states for the past two years," says Sara Wyant, President and CEO of Agri-Pulse Communications. "We are very pleased that we will be working with two terrific partners to accomplish our goal of providing localized ag and food policy content to this unique market."

Agri-Pulse will distribute a West Coast edition of the early morning Daybreak Podcast, Daily Harvest email news aggregation, and the in-depth weekly Agri-Pulse Newsletter. In addition, Agri-Pulse has created a West Coast tab on the web site for California and West Coast specific content. In February, Agri-Pulse announced the opening of a news bureau in Sacramento, Calif., led by Brad Hooker.

"CAPCA strives to keep members informed on local issues that impact their license and the growers they serve," says CAPCA Chairman Rick Harrison, Nutrien Ag Solutions. "Agri-Pulse, a customizable platform for local and national Ag news, is an ideal resource to meet these needs. I encourage members to take advantage of the wealth of information that will be shared in the weekly podcast and Wednesday Newsletter headlines for relevant issues to follow."

"Growers rely on the knowledge and expertise of pest control advisors (PCAs) and crop consultants for a wide range of agronomic and ever-evolving regulatory issues. And, there is a lot to keep up with, considering the 300-plus crops grown in the region and the active regulatory environment," says Michael Parsons, FMC regional business manager. "Through this partnership, FMC is excited to provide PCAs and crop consultants access to breaking news and analysis on the latest regulatory, legislative and scientific topics impacting the profitability of California and West Coast growers."

"We expect there will be interest in these new localized products from other organizations because of our coverage of the California and West Coast states," adds Wyant. "But we are also excited about the benefits a West Coast News Bureau brings to our overall policy coverage benefiting all Agri-Pulse subscribers."

About Agri-Pulse: Agri-Pulse is the most trusted source for farm and rural policy information in Washington, D.C, and across the country, providing a balanced perspective on a wide variety of issues including the farm bill, nutrition, trade, food safety, environment, biotechnology, organic, conservation and crop insurance. Agri-Pulse publishes a subscription only e-newsletter, the Agri-Pulse Daily Harvest early morning news summary, Agri-Pulse Daybreak, the Agri-Pulse DriveTime podcast and breaking news on

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