Thrive Agritech Delivers 1,900 LED Grow Lights to Michigan Indoor Grow Facility

Choice Labs installs Thrive Agritech’s lights for its entire facility due to superior growth and energy savings

Thrive Agritech, Inc., leader in LED horticulture lighting, announced today that it has delivered a substantial quantity of Boost LED grow lights to Choice Laboratories, a leading medical marijuana producer located in Michigan. Choice installed the lights over both vegetative and flower canopies throughout its entire grow operation.

According to Maxwell Murphy at Choice Labs, "We tested LED grow lights from all the leading suppliers last year, and we selected Thrive Agritech because we experienced the best overall plant quality and yield. The team at Thrive Agritech helped us through the utility rebate process, and we ended up getting a rebate worth tens of thousands of dollars. It was almost too good to be true!"

Thrive Agritech CEO, Brian Bennett, added, "Choice Labs experienced one of the great advantages of our technology - ease of installation. The simple end-to-end daisy-chain connections make large installations a breeze and reduces the cost and complexity of additional electrical work. I'm sure Choice will be a happy customer for years to come."

To watch a video of the Choice Labs installation, click here:

Thrive Agritech was founded at the Y Combinator accelerator in Silicon Valley, with a mission to enhance sustainability for controlled environment agriculture. The company's industry leading energy efficient lighting products have already made significant reductions in the carbon footprint from older lighting technologies. All Thrive Agritech products have an optimized horticulture light spectrum, high reliability, and most importantly grow great plants.

About Thrive Agritech
Thrive Agritech is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative products for the controlled environment agriculture industry. The company's patent-pending technologies enable unique advantages for horticultural solid-state lighting and controls. Corporate headquarters are located in New York City, U.S.A. For more information, visit

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