RF Agriculture Set to Host Agronomy LA Cultivator Convention Jan 9th, 2019

California’s premier distributor of agriculture, horticulture, hydroponic supplies, equipment, and automated systems, RF Agriculture, offers a personalized and exciting learning and networking experience at the swanky Bar 13 in Downtown Los Angeles.

Agronomy LA 2019, an educational agriculture industry conference and workshop that brings together commercial growers, cultivators, and industry professionals to learn from the best in commercial crop production, techniques, and exciting new technology. Agronomy LA will host a series of representatives and speakers from leading manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and large grow operations to share a vast amount of industry insider knowledge, information, tips, tricks, and giveaways.

A full day's worth of educational sessions and presentations from some of the industry's leading manufacturers - RF Agriculture, Anden, Dramm, Netafim, Riococo, Bioline Agrosciences, Marrone Bio Innovations, BioSafe Systems, SunMaster, EdenShield, Critical Climate, Schaefer Ventilation, RedFlag Blends, and more!

Aaron Morris, the CEO of RF Agriculture, recently stated, "We are proud to present Agronomy LA 2019 at the swanky Bar 13 in Downtown Los Angeles. This conference and workshop will bring together the most notable cultivators and agriculture companies for a delicious lunch and informal discussion regarding techniques for success, irrigation strategy, grow room HVAC, licensed pest control, beneficial insects, grow media, blending water soluble nutrients, and much more. Secure your place, seats are limited and filling up fast."

Network with some of the biggest, best, and brightest within the agriculture, grower, cultivator, farming industries while connecting with the upper echelon of the indoor and greenhouse farming community.

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Agronomy LA 2019: an agriculture industry conference and workshop that brings together the city's most successful cultivators with representatives from leading manufacturers, distributors, and service providers, to share knowledge, learn about exciting products and strategies, make important connections within the agriculture industry, and connect with entire grower community.


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Sierra Instruments, Inc.- InnovaMass. Reinvented.

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