the 16th China (Kunming) Agricultural means Expo

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The 16th China(Kunming) Agricultural Means Expo

Date: July 21-22,2019
Venue: Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center
Yunnan province, China.


As one of the biggest seed expos in China, The 16th China (Kunming) Agricultural Means Expo is annually held in Kunming, Yunnan province, China. It attracts professional visitors from home and abroad. The expo is renowned for its large scale, full variety, good effect and high popularity. Its influence has covered Asia and southwestern Asia. It has become an annul event for fertilizer,pesticide,plant protection companies from home and abroad, traders, distributors in southwestern China, plantation owners, governmental organizations, industrial associates and people concerned.

The 16th China (Kunming) Agricultural Means Expo is being held at Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center on July 21-22,2019. It is estimated that over 1,000 companies from all over the world and up to 70,000 professional buyers from China, Asia and Southeast Asia will participate in the expo. It is the best platform to expand the market in China, Asia and Southeast Asian countries. The Committee sincerely invite all the seed companies and related enterprises to participate in the expo.
Venue Introduction:

Located in the geographical center of Asia, Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province, is the nodal point of the"Belt and Road Initiative " in Asia, connecting three economic belts of China, South Asia and Southeast Asia. With the advantages of its convenient ports, Yunnan has become a Chinas window to South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Fertilizer, pesticide, germcide, plant protection agent , insecticde, analysis instrument, package equipment and other related products;

Targeted Visitors:
agricultural material traders, distributors, wholesalers from China and Asia, as well as breeding companies, plantation enterprises, plantation owners, institutes of scientific research, industrial associates, industrial management enterprises, and so on.

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