IntelliFarms Releases SureTrack PRO™

Connecting grain buyers with farmers and growers to source quality grains

IntelliFarms announced the release of SureTrack PRO™, a comprehensive system created to help processors, merchandisers and grain buyers source quality ingredients directly from the farms. IntelliFarms is dedicated to bringing solutions that solve problems, increase revenue, improve efficiencies and reduce costs for the agriculture industry; SureTrack PRO is a major step toward that mission.

Through the secure, online platform, grain buyers are able to quickly identify and locate grain that meets their exact specifications based on characteristics, such as protein, starch, oil and moisture content. Buyers can then connect directly with the farmer to secure that grain. For grain buyers needing to secure grain year round, SureTrack PRO provides an easy way to develop grower bases for exact specifications and needs.

Once secured, buyers are able to monitor the quality and condition of the contracted grain being stored on the farm, allowing them to schedule deliveries when the grain is in peak condition and needed at the plant. Working with grain that is consistent in quality and variety helps a processor increase efficiencies and reduce costs. SureTrack PRO is opening up supply chains and providing a level of transparency that processors have never had before.

Todd Sears, President and CEO, IntelliFarms said, "This is an exciting time as we watch the industry change. Grain isnt just about yield anymore, its about the quality and the purpose. Processors have always thought in terms of the contents of grain: protein, oil, starch, etc. but now we are helping farmers think that way too."

SureTrack PRO works in conjunction with SureTrack FARM™, the online solution for farmers and growers to select the best seed, maximize growing potential, effectively store and manage grain, and market to the best opportunities. These two systems work together to make important connections between grain buyers and grain sellers, creating opportunities for success on both sides.

About IntelliFarms
IntelliFarms is an agricultural technology company based out of Archie, MO. For more than 18 years, IntelliFarms has been working to bring increased value and profits back to the farms. SureTrack FARM™ is connecting farmers with processors and merchandisers who are looking to buy grain directly from the farms. SureTrack PRO™ is locating growers, creating transparency in supply chains and improving overall quality for processors, merchandisers and end users. Visit for more information.

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