Industrial Hemp Symposium to be held August 25th in Oklahoma City

Hemp Geo Institute will host “Growing Hemp for Yield," their seventh Industrial Hemp Symposium, on August 25 in Oklahoma City, OK

CHARLOTTE, NC (AgPR) Aug. 10 2018 - Hemp Geo Institute,, has supported Oklahomas initiative in getting their Industrial Hemp pilot program passed and signed into law. This is substantial for the Agriculture sector giving them new and recurring revenue in addition to income from 1,000s of products that can be sold.

After six (6) sold-out symposiums in North Carolina, Hemp Geo Institute (HGI) is bringing its entire All-Star team to Oklahoma for symposium number seven (7) on August 25th, 2018, from 8AM - 5PM. HIG will kick-start the education you need to successfully grow and build a profitable business in the industrial Hemp industry.

HGIs mission is to help landowners, growers, and farmers add a newly viable, profitable income stream to the American landscape. The symposium will cover A-Z topics on growing for fiber, seed, and cannabidiol industrial Hemp. Throughout the day there will be networking opportunities with fellow landowners, farmers, and industry leaders to begin building vital relationships.

The most important fundamental to success in the industrial hemp industry is getting the proper education. "The biggest point of difference to ones success, will be the level of knowledge growers possess." Noted Rick Rainbolt, Founder/President of Hemp Geo Institute.

HGIs expert team of speakers and coaches are coming to present at their seventh symposium in Oklahoma City on August 25th, 2018. HGIs team bring years proven experience in growing hemp and running successful grow operations.

The HGI team ‘walks the talk. Their skilled team has successfully consulted on developing fourteen (14) Indoor/greenhouse, outdoor cannabinoid, fiber and seed operations for farmers and growers. For those who have an interest in being involved in the Industrial Hemp industry, this event is for you.

The August 25th one-day educational symposium is an opportunity for landowners and farmers to receive a "specific step-by-step blueprint" on how to grow, sell and profit from farming Industrial Hemp by using real business tactics and principles, presented by experienced industry professionals.

To learn more about "Growing Hemp for Yield," the Hemp Geo Institutes seventh Industrial Hemp symposium on August 25th, 2018 in Oklahoma City, OK, visit

About Hemp Geo Institute
Hemp Geo Institute,, incorporates organic agricultural practices with renewable energy technologies to accelerate opportunity, maintain true organic value of the plants medicinal potential and exemplify environmental stewardship.

Hemp Geo Institute began on January 10th 2017 with a mission to help landowners, growers and farmers add a new viable and profitable income stream by maximizing their per-acre crop revenue. This is accomplished by providing students and clients with the most current and best practice information the industry has to offer.

Response to Hemp Geo Institutes symposiums in 2017 and 2018, has been outstanding with 100% sold-out events. At present, the demand for these educational sessions outstrips their ability to deliver the material.

HGIs Mastery Grow division assists with the development of grow room facilities, greenhouses and outdoor cannabinoid, fiber and seed operations from cultivation to harvest and from processing to distribution. HGIs dedicated team of expert consultants have successfully consulted on developing fourteen (14) Indoor/greenhouse grow facilities for clients that are growing, full-spectrum cannabinoid-rich industrial Hemp.

HGI accompanies farmers and growers in developing their strategic objectives all the way to successful and sustainable implementation, regardless of whether they are new to the Industrial Hemp industry or just want to enhance their existing product range. The result is accelerated success, collaboration and innovation for all of their customers and clients.

What is Industrial Hemp?
According to Hemp Business Journal, there are some 50,000 products that can be made from Industrial Hemp. Some of the more common ones include: Paper, Clothing, Food, Fuel, Building materials, Beauty and Skin care items. The increasing popularity of CBD has also led to a myriad of hemp-derived CBD products that are now available on the market that are legal in all 50 states.

Hemp, often referred to as industrial hemp, is a durable, natural fiber that is grown as a renewable source for raw materials and one of the oldest domesticated crops known to man. For some 10,000 years up until the last century, the use of hemp has been documented by various civilizations. There was even a time in the US in the early 17th century that it was illegal, not to grow hemp.

While hemp was banned along with marijuana in the 1930s, with the increasing information on CBD and the myriad of health benefits it contains has helped hemp make a significant comeback. Hemp contains significantly lower levels of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than marijuana and higher levels of the non-psychoactive compound cannabidiol (CBD). While marijuana can contain as high as 30% THC, Industrial Hemp typically contains only trace amounts, 0.3% THC or less.

A hemp crop requires half the water alfalfa uses and can be grown without the heavy use of pesticides. Farmers worldwide grow hemp commercially for fiber, seed, and oil for use in a variety of industrial and consumer products.

The speed in which hemp grows is fast enough to meet the increasing industrial and commercial demand for these products. Switching to Hemp products will help save the environment, leaving a cleaner and greener planet for the next generation.

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