Trimble Launches Next Generation 4G LTE Wireless Data Recorders for Smart Water Monitoring

Rugged Battery-Powered Data Recorders Leverage 4G LTE Wireless and Bluetooth Connectivity to Deliver Advanced Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) introduced today its next generation of rugged, battery-powered Internet of Things (IoT) data recorders for smart water monitoring applications—the Telog® 32 Advanced Series. Leveraging 4G LTE wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, the recorders provide real-time monitoring of pressure, water hammer, flow, level, valves and meters in water distribution and wastewater collection networks.

The announcement was made at the 2018 American Water Works Association (AWWA) Annual Conference & Expo (ACE18). Trimble's Water solutions will be showcased at booth #26047.

Initially launched in 2010, the Telog 32 Series set the standard for remote monitoring of water and wastewater networks. The Advanced Series raises the bar with added features—4G LTE wireless capability, faster impulse monitoring, Bluetooth connectivity, replaceable modem, improved battery life and many others. The Telog 32 Advanced Series can be used for a variety of applications including pressure monitoring, pressure transient analysis, water level monitoring and rainfall intensity measurement. The data recorders work in combination with cloud-hosted and on-premise software to enable utilities to remotely capture critical data required for reducing leakage and non-revenue water (NRW) loss. The solution enables water and wastewater utilities to enhance asset performance while improving resiliency and response to emergencies and extreme weather events.

"With a new design, enhanced features and improved performance, the Telog 32 Advanced Series sets a new standard for smart water monitoring across the entire industry," said Alain Samaha, general manager, Trimble's Water Division. "The IoT recorders enable a step change in operational efficiency, compliance and sustainability by providing utilities greater visibility and deeper intelligence to transform how they operate their networks."

Telog 32 Advanced Series of 4G LTE Wireless Data Recorders

The Telog 32 Advanced Series includes nine new data recorders that monitor key measurements of water, wastewater and groundwater systems. Using cloud-hosted or on-premise software, utilities have full access to the Telog 32 Advanced Series monitoring data, including alerts and alarms as well as advanced analytics and reporting.

The Telog 32 Advanced Series includes:

Telog HPR-32A Hydrant Pressure Recorder: Pressure monitoring for model calibration, pressure management, investigating customer complaints and fireflow testing on hydrants.
Telog HPR-32iA Hydrant Pressure/Impulse Recorder: Includes all the capabilities of the Telog HPR-32A plus pressure transient monitoring on hydrants.
Telog PR-32A Pressure Recorder: Pressure monitoring for model calibration, pressure management, investigating customer complaints and fireflow testing for underground deployments.
Telog PR-32iA Pressure/Impulse Recorder: Includes all the capabilities of the Telog PR-32A plus pressure transient monitoring for underground deployments.
Telog RG-32A Rain Gauge Recorder: Rainfall intensity monitoring.
Telog iLR-32A Current Loop Recorder: Current loop monitoring for detecting output of process instruments.
Telog PFE-32A Pulse/Frequency Event Recorder: Pulse frequency (contact closure) counting for meter reading and pump monitoring.
Telog Ru-32mA Pressure and Flow Recorder: Eight channel recorder for pressure reducing valves (PRV) and pump station monitoring.
Telog Ru-32imA Pressure, Flow and Impulse Recorder: Eight channel recorder for PRV, pump station and pressure transient monitoring.
Common features of the Telog 32 Advanced Series enable utilities to:

Operate on the latest 4G LTE wireless communication networks
Detect potentially damaging pressure transients with new impulse monitoring up to 256 samples per second
Eliminate cables and confined space entry with added Bluetooth connectivity
Protect a utility's investment with replaceable modems for future communication technology changes
Extend usage in the field through improved battery life management
Increase uptime and reduce field visits with digital pressure sensors
Deploy underground and in harsh environments with IP68 rated enclosures
Leverage cloud-hosted and on-premise software for operational insight and analysis
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The Telog 32 Advanced Series is available now through Trimble Water and its Authorized Business Partners.

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