DuPont Industrial Biosciences Launches Three New Products for Fuel Ethanol Market

Innovations Part of the XCELIS™ Fuel Ethanol Platform, an Accelerator for Innovation in Grain Processing

Building off the recent launch of its fuel ethanol platform DuPont™ XCELIS™, DuPont Industrial Biosciences unveiled the first three products from the innovation hub - designed to increase yields, speed fermentation and reduce energy and chemical consumption:

DuPont™ SYNERXIA® THRIVE GX: Next Generation in Yeast for the Fuel Alcohol Industry
DuPont™ DISTILLASE® DXT: Advanced Glucoamylase Blend
DuPont™ OPTIMASH® AX: Xylanase for Enhanced Liquefaction
The new XCELIS™ platform also will feature an online partner community for the industry, GRAIN CHANGERS. This online community and innovative product offerings represent a new age for DuPonts XCELIS™ biorefinery team. By improving performance, efficiency and fuel ethanol yields - and working hand-in-hand with customers - XCELIS™ helps ethanol producers reach their goals with new products, tools and technologies.

"These three products are - quite simply - game-changers for the fuel ethanol market," said Judy Underwood, global marketing leader, DuPont Industrial Biosciences - Grain Processing. "Our team has done it once again - listened to customer needs, engineered cutting-edge enzyme and yeast technologies and worked hand-in-hand with ethanol producers to bring products to market that provide the best possible yields and new options for efficiency."

Following upon last years successful launch of SYNERXIA® THRIVE ADY, SYNERXIA® THRIVE GX is the latest advancement in DuPonts line of SYNERXIA® Fermentations Systems. It offers a new option in high yield yeasts to help ethanol producers drive to the best performance. SYNERXIA® THRIVE GX is the next generation of DuPont yeast to use the carbon-efficient PKL pathway, resulting in an increased yield of up to 3 percent more than conventional yeast; robust performance during process excursions; and expression of glucoamylase for efficient sugar conversion.
DISTILLASE® DXT is an advanced glucoamylase blend, the newest member of the DISTILLASE® line. The new product is designed to help customers extract even more value from liquefied grains through a combination of advanced glucoamylases, trehalase and cold cook alpha amylase. With DuPonts novel highly active debranching GA technology, it is optimized for more complete starch to sugar conversion that increases yield up to 1 percent above other trehalase-based blends and is designed to pair well with SYNERXIA® THRIVE GX.
OPTIMASH® AX - a xylanase enzyme that enhances liquefaction - is an addition to the popular OPTIMASH® range. Now designed to help customers extract even more value out of nonstarch carbohydrates, it relaxes fibers to release inaccessible starch; increases ethanol yields up to 1 percent; and - notably - is complementary to alpha amylase performance.
"Launching not one but THREE pioneering products demonstrates our ongoing commitment to this industry," said Underwood. "But XCELIS™ is more than these products. We are providing tools and technologies to help our customers achieve greater success than ever before - whether its a process audit, or a benchmarking study or new products, DuPonts XCELIS™ Team is always looking for ways to help our customers drive bottom line success."

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