Zest Labs to Join Food Logistics Webinar on Improving the Global Cold Chain

Attendees Will Learn How Investments and Innovations Can Impact the Cold Chain and Reduce Food Waste

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zest Labs, an AgTech company modernizing the post-harvest fresh food supply chain, today announced that it will participate in a webinar hosted by Food Logistics. Zest Labs CEO, Peter Mehring, will join a panel of experts to discuss cold chain strategies and how growers, shippers, distributors and retail grocers can significantly reduce fresh food waste and improve operational efficiency and product margins through cold chain optimization. Zest Labs is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ecoark Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX: ZEST), to be renamed Zest Technologies, Inc.

The integrated global cold chain requires the seamless movement of products and data from harvest or processing to the retail shelf, but there are still significant industry challenges - such as lack of visibility into the shipping and handling of perishable products - that need to be addressed if stakeholders are going to be successful. Mehring will join the Food Logistics webinar to explore how the right investments and innovations in technology, such as IoT sensors, predictive analytics and blockchain can positively impact the global cold chain, including improving food quality and safety, and reducing food waste.

Webinar attendees will learn:

The impact of industry shortcomings on cold chain stakeholders and how can they be addressed
What investments and innovations have the most potential to impact the cold chain, including IoT, blockchain, pallet-level condition monitoring and more
How improvements in the global cold chain can deliver higher-quality perishable products to consumers and increase product margins by 6% or more

Peter Mehring, CEO, Zest Labs
Kerwin Belle, Commercial Manager, Cold Supply Chain CN
Matthew Myers, VP of Sales and Business Development, REB


Cold Chain I


Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 11:00 AM EDT/2:00 PM PDT



About Zest Labs
Zest Labs is an AgTech company modernizing the post-harvest fresh food supply chain to improve food safety and reduce food waste by 50% or more. Our flagship solution, Zest Fresh, provides autonomous, field-to-shelf visibility for proactive decision making to improve delivered freshness and reduce shrink. Integrated blockchain technology provides true transparency for food safety, product freshness and traceability. Zest Fresh improves product margins by 6% or more and increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty while promoting sustainability.

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