Agrotop and Poultrix Partner to Provide Smart Management Technology for Poultry Farms Worldwide

The automated farming management system was implemented in several poultry projects, leading to significant decrease in costs and improved operational efficiency

Agrotop, a leading global player in livestock turnkey projects, has partnered with Poultrix to jointly offer an easy-to-use technology enabling broiler and layer farmers to efficiently manage every aspect of their farms.

Poultrix has developed an innovative system that provides chicken farmers with a remote, real-time monitoring system to ensure operational efficiency and reduce costs. The technology is easy and simple to use, enabling managers to run their farms in the most professional and economical manner to improve growth cycles.

As part of the partnership, Agrotop will implement Poultrix's solution in its full livestock vertical integration projects around the world. The two companies have already successfully completed the integration of the new solution in several poultry farms constructed by Agrotop in Israel, and recently began a pilot project as part of the Chirina plant in Georgia.

The Poultrix system provides cloud-based business intelligence tools for long-term savings and efficiency for managing poultry, breeder, layer and turkey farms. It can be used by both large integrations or smaller individual farms.

Automatic data collection provides more precise and reliable information which can be used for analyzing reports. Poultrix enables farmers and managers to use its software from any internet-connected device, such as computer, tablet or cellular phone anywhere and anytime.

"By partnering with Poultrix, we can offer our international clients an excellent management tool that fits well into our services for livestock projects and can enable them to improve management and reduce costs," said Gavriel Pelleg, Agrotop's CMO and founding partner.

"Agrotop has always stood at the forefront of innovation to ensure poultry growth efficiency. We are committed to offering our clients the most advanced information and technologies to optimize poultry project performance."

"As a proven leader in the international field of poultry projects, Agrotop was our obvious partner in our efforts to launch our international presence," said Yair Landesmanm, Poultrix's CEO. "We are very excited to partner with Agrotop, which has more than 60 years experience and completed projects in more than 50 countries."

The two companies will present the new management solution at Booth# C070, Hall 12 at VIV Europe 2018, Utrecht, Netherlands on June 20-22.

About Agrotop

Agrotop is a leading global player in livestock turnkey projects. The company provides a full range of services for realizing livestock and agro-industry construction projects, while focusing on its clients' visions and maximizing their business results.

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About Poultrix

Poultrix is a developer of an automated technological solution focused on organization of information and documentation of production, starting from the first stage in the chain of production, parent flocks, and following through to the sale of meat products and table eggs.

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