Smart Agriculture Represents the Application Of Modern Information And Communication Technologies (ICT) into Agriculture

Smart agriculture tools are mostly used in precision farming as they play an important role in improving farm efficiency and help the farmers in increasing the crop yields.

Smart agriculture is a cost-efficient approach for sustainable agriculture which aims to effectively growth of productivity in the changing climate with the use of advanced technology. It offers the stakeholders globally to identify agricultural plans suitable for the respective regions. The farmers will be benefited from smart agriculture as the effectiveness of inputs such as seeds, labor and fertilizers will rise, resulting into more prospects for income. Due to the global warming, the weather is becoming unpredictable. Floods, droughts and cyclones have obstructed the agriculture industry. Natural disasters can be dealt with the usage of weather forecasting facility which can be of a great help to the farmers. Organizations are already collecting a vast amount of data such as weather information, soil mapping, crop yield, and animal health. Smart industry decisions can be made by acquiring the massive solution providers, information, farmers and agricultural equipment manufacturers are adopting IoT to increase the smart agriculture industry.

Smart agriculture tools are mostly used in precision farming as they play an important role in improving farm efficiency and help the farmers in increasing the crop yields. Yield monitoring is a key application of precision farming used to recognize the field variability information, which includes soil properties, weather conditions, and fertilizers. Soil monitoring is a foremost application of yield monitoring, which helps to recognize different soil parameters to uphold the nutrient level of the soil.

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The smart agriculture market for connectivity services is anticipated to grow at a high rate in the forecast period. The smart agriculture market, based on services, has been segmented into system integration & consulting services, connectivity services, assisted professional services, managed services, and maintenance and support services. The adoption rate of connectivity services is anticipated to be high when compared to others as in case of these services, information about animal health, crops, as well as about tractor guidance, among others, is gathered at a device level and is conveyed through a network channel. The network channel is generally provided by the connectivity service providers that deliver appropriate connectivity amongst the device domain and the end users.

By geography, the market is bifurcated into, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America. The adoption rate of smart agriculture solutions across APAC is projected to rise at a substantial rate due to the rising advancement in the technology and industries. These factors would lead to the market awareness about the business value and return on investment, which can be understood on long run.

The rising awareness among customers about the benefits of the smart agriculture is anticipated to drive the APAC market for smart Agriculture in the future years. The major companies that provide smart Agriculture include GEA Group AG, Trimble, Inc., Deere & Company, Raven Industries, Agjunction, Inc., AG Leader Technology, Boumatic LLC, Delaval Corporation, Precision Planting, Inc., and The Climate Corporation.

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