2017 Holganix Agriculture Trial Results: Improved Yield and Crop Performance

Holganix discusses its trial results for the 2017 season on several agriculture crops including corn, potato, soybean and strawberry among others.

"Over the past three years Holganix has compiled data on several different crops in different geographic zones to deepen our understanding of how Holganix products can help farmers reach agronomic goals," explains Holganix President of Agriculture, David Stark PhD. During the 2017 growing season, Holganix reports that both commercial and university trials have demonstrated higher yields on several crop types, further an unnamed Holganix technology that is currently under study has demonstrated nematode control in both a lab and field setting.

Holganix is a manufacturer of organic microbial inoculants for fertilizer users to promote strong, healthier plants that need fewer fertilizers and pesticides. Holganix Agriculture is the specific product designed for crops and is part of the Bio 800+ family of products which means it contains over 800 species of diverse, living soil microbes. The product promotes extensive root systems, resulting in plants that are better able to find and use nutrients, minerals and water in the soil. By nurturing healthy plants, Holganix Agriculture helps maximize yield potential while ensuring crops are better prepared to fight off and recover from seasonal stress.

2017 trial results include but are not limited to studies conducted on potatoes, corn, soybean and strawberry.

Potato: Idaho-based potato growers added Holganix Agriculture with their standard fertilizer rate and saw a $300 to $440 increase in yield.

Washington State University tested Holganix Agriculture with 20% less fertilizer and achieved a higher marketable yield than those potatoes just using the standard fertilizer rate. The higher marketable yield and decreased fertilizer use translates to an additional $120 per acre gain if the study were conducted at a commercial farm.

Corn: An Illinois researcher tested Holganix Agriculture with fertilizer reductions and saw a +9 bushel per acre yield increase. Studies conducted at a Kansas-based university saw a +4 bushel per acre increase. Additional studies conducted at a research farm in Missouri showed a 14.8% increased yield on corn treated with Holganix Agriculture. According to the researchers, they saw a 163.1 bushel per acre yield on corn treated with 1 gallon of Holganix Agriculture in furrow at planting compared to the control which saw a 142 bushel per acre yield.

Strawberry: In Ventura county, California, a researcher used Holganix Agriculture on a commercial field through their drip irrigation system, applying once per month. He achieved a $3,000 per acre higher yield in the strawberries and was able to harvest earlier than other growers.

Soybeans and Nematodes: While research is still ongoing, preliminary results conducted in a lab setting by Dr. Lambert at the University of Illinois are promising for nematode control using an unnamed Holganix technology. After the first year of studying the product, the team saw a 75% reduction in pathogenic nematodes in the lab and an 80% reduction in the field.

"We are excited to be able to share some of the information weve compiled about soil microbes and Holganix products with the agricultural community," states David Stark PhD. "The 2017 data coupled with results seen in 2015 and 2016 show consistent performance on a number of U.S. crops."

For additional information regarding Holganix trials, visit: http://www.holganix.com/blog/Update-Holganix-Agriculture-Trial-Results or contact Holganix President of Agriculture, David Stark PhD.

About Holganix:

Holganix is a manufacturer of microbial inoculants for growers and turf professionals. Holganix products nurture stronger plants that need fewer fertilizers and pesticides, providing high performance, yet sustainable results.

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