MetaFarms Launches New Tech for Swine Producers

SOW ENTERPRISE modernizes record keeping from data capture to decision making

BURNSVILLE, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MetaFarms, Inc., the information platform for agriculture, today announced a new technology for swine producers. MetaFarms SOW ENTERPRISE is a premium upgrade to the SOW module within the MetaFarms Agriculture Platform (MAP) representing the next generation information system for sow production.

The premium program enables swine producers to gain daily visibility into their sow barns. Through snapshot views of key performance metrics, managers can make timely data-driven decisions. The new program gives swine producers real-time oversight across their production system by capturing daily information through their mobile application and provides robust integration with electronic sow feeders (ESFs).

"You cant manage what you dont measure. MetaFarms is about leveraging data and using innovation to provide valuable insights to livestock producers," said Brian Parker, chief operating officer for MetaFarms. "Our goal with SOW ENTERPRISE is to provide a solution for daily recording while improving efficiency, accuracy and ultimately providing valuable metrics in a snapshot view for real-time, data-driven management."

The mobile application (app) was designed specifically for swine producers and the challenging environment in which they work. The app displays sow history and enables recording of daily events onsite, reducing costly accuracy mistakes, and eliminating the need for a data entry bureau. In addition to true offline functionality, the app also features data validation warnings and can be customized specifically for the information each producer collects.

Integration with electronic sow feeders helps eliminate redundant data entry while improving data accuracy. MetaFarms will continue to work closely with industry leaders Nedap, AP Schauer and others.

The upgrade also includes a new performance snapshot providing a variety of metrics for tracking performance from day-to-day and week-to-week across sow units including services, weaning and farrowing. The snapshot enables managers to see at-a-glance at how their farms are doing and react for real-time decision making.

"Weve had a great response from our customer beta test group," added Parker. "A leading customer confirmed ‘the ability to manage is the best part of the app and that was what we setout to do."

About SOW
SOW is a production module within the MetaFarms Agriculture Platform (MAP) representing the next generation information system for sow production. SOW ENTERPRISE, a premium upgrade was released in 2018, which includes mobile app, ESF integration and performance snapshot including key metrics for tracking daily targets.

About MetaFarms, Inc.
MetaFarms, Inc., founded in 2000, is the leading information platform for agriculture headquartered in Burnsville, Minnesota. The agtech company provides tools, benchmarking and services leveraging data to optimize production and maximize profitability in the livestock industry. With innovation and expertise, MetaFarms provides insights into the multi-level performance of production through a suite of customer-centric programs to translate complex data sets to meaningful metrics.

MetaFarms created the universal language for livestock performance powered by its MetaFarms Agriculture Platform (MAP) now considered the industry standard. MetaFarms has grown into the industry leader for livestock production management software services having insights into 40% of the US/Canadian swine population in addition to 50% of the swine population in Australia.

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