Myriad Mobile Introduces Industry-First Mobile Grain App Platform – Bushel™

Automated platform for elevators delivers real-time data to growers

FARGO, N.D.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Myriad Mobile (Myriad), an enterprise software technology company focused on mobile and web applications, today introduced its new mobile grain app platform - Bushel™.

Bushel is the grain industrys first automated mobile app platform for elevators and cooperatives to connect with their growers and deliver real-time actionable information via a mobile app.

The mobile app delivers information to the elevators customers including real-time scale tickets, contracts, pre-pays and cash bids. Bushel is powered by a proprietary application programming interface (API) and translator developed by the Myriad Mobile team. The API and translator enable Bushel to work with any elevator accounting system.

"Bushel started with a scale ticket app Myriad developed for a large sugarbeet cooperative that eliminated the paper ‘slip and manual entry that went along with it," said Jake Joraanstad, Myriad Mobile CEO and co-founder. "My co-founder and Myriads Chairman, Ryan Raguse, quickly identified the vital role technology could play in streamlining business for grain elevators and delivering real-time information to their growers."

The simple scale ticket app quickly grew into a multi-year project automating and streamlining the workflow of a sugarbeet grower.

"The response from our growers was overwhelming-with nearly 100 percent of our growers using the platform," said Mike Metzger, director of research and development for Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative, one of the nations largest sugarbeet cooperatives based in Wahpeton, North Dakota serving more than 400 growers. "Weve really been able to streamline our operations and strengthen our relationships with our growers."

The secure, cloud-based platform eliminates data entry and streamlines communication enabling growers to connect directly with the elevator via the app to receive bids, track contracts, monitor markets and check pre-paid amounts.

The elevator-branded mobile apps "sport" the intuitive design, robust features, quality and security that Myriad has built its name on-having done projects for ag-industry giants John Deere, Bobcat and Monsanto.

"We have primarily designed and developed custom applications for ag-based clients," said Joraanstad. "We believe those who take a technology-first approach in their business strategy will win."

Myriad recently raised $1.5 million in capital to build out the mobile grain app platform and the team to launch Bushel with strategic investors in the Ag space.

"We wanted to make exponential technologies attainable for a broader base to better serve farmers," said Joraanstad. "With Bushel, we can provide a mobile app platform developed specifically for the grain industry at a lower price point in a custom-branded solution."

The initial version of Bushel was piloted with North Dakota-based elevator network The Arthur Companies, which serves more than 350 growers in eight locations.

"Our goal is to continually innovate to help growers meet the challenges of global agriculture," said Brooks Burgum, CEO of the The Arthur Companies. "We wanted to offer the best capabilities to empower our growers to make the best decisions to maximize their operational profitability. With 200 growers joining in the first two weeks-we knew they were ready and waiting for this type of technology."

To date, Bushel is yielding big-with nearly a dozen new customers signed on and above-average adoption and app usage rates.

"Leveraging modern technology-like Bushel in the grain industry-can provide the tight integration between all elements of the supply chain that global agriculture demands," added Joraanstad. "Elevators and coops can work more seamlessly with their producers while giving them the data they need."

Joraanstad concluded, "As a grower told us, ‘you just made a farmer very happy. Seeing our technology positively impact the industry makes us ‘farm kids happy too."

About Myriad Mobile
Myriad Mobile is an enterprise software development company specializing in ag tech and headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota with multiple Midwest locations. Founded in 2011, the firm creates custom mobile-first software applications and technology platforms, including Android, iOS, Web, API integrations, virtual and augmented reality, beacons, IoT and wearables.

Myriad partners with its clients to develop a technology-first approach through consulting and projects. Their full service offering includes strategy, design, engineering, quality assurance and support. In 2016, Myriad was named to the Inc. 5000 List of Americas fastest growing companies and was recognized as a top app developer in the Minneapolis region by

About Bushel™
Bushel is the grain industry's first automated mobile grain app platform for elevators and cooperatives to connect with their growers and deliver real-time actionable information. The custom-branded mobile app includes real-time scale tickets, contracts, pre-pays and cash bids. Bushel is a secure, cloud-based platform powered by a proprietary application interface (API) and translator built by Myriad Mobile that enables Bushel to work with any elevator accounting system. For more information about Bushel visit: or email

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