Terra Vera Partners with Build With Robots to Release Breezy Blue Response Fogger

Albuquerque tech innovators team up to provide automated crop management pesticide alternative solutions

Albuquerque, NM (June 12, 2024) — Agriculture technology innovator Terra Vera is proud to announce the launch of its Breezy Blue Response Fogger. Created in partnership with Build With Robots, an Albuquerque-based tech company specializing in robotic innovations for workers to increase safety and efficiency on the job, this fogger allows for smart automated disinfection and crop management applications-without harmful chemicals and synthetic fertilizers-powered by Terra Vera's proprietary biomimicry technology solutions.

With its compact size, the Breezy Blue Response Fogger is easy for growers to transport or easily store. The fogger can be used for both indoor and greenhouse grows, and its fogging technology ensures all surfaces of the facility and plant canopy are covered.

The Breezy Blue Response Fogger, which includes the Breezy Smart Controller, is available for purchase and direct shipping through the Terra Vera website.

With three key features for fogging, growers have the choice and flexibility to choose the program that works best for their grows. Using automatic disinfection, the unit can be set to fog at a certain time on certain days of the week. Using the included Breezy Smart Controller, growers can remotely operate 50 units at a time with a Bluetooth-connected controller. The controller can be used to adjust and schedule fogging times and displays the status of each unit, tank level and any errors. Or growers can simply press the button on the top of the unit to start fogging.

The Breezy Blue Response Fogger can be equipped with Terra Vera's amino acid solutions, including its IV, GRDN, TRV and RMD products, which focus on whole plant wellness. These solutions provide immunity boosts from root to flower, protecting against pests and diseases and delivering nutrients with higher uptake potential.

Terra Vera offers solutions that are a compliant alternative to traditional pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that are non-toxic for people and the environment. Using Terra Vera technology that mimics mammals' natural biological process for fighting infections by converting organic, inert compounds into a broad-spectrum antimicrobial solution, these products are safe on live tissue yet effective at inactivating pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

"It's fantastic to partner with another Albuquerque-based tech company dedicated to making labor processes more safe and efficient for workers," said Carlos Perea, CEO and Co-Founder of Terra Vera. "The Breezy Blue Response Foggers allows growers control and flexibility over their crop management while reducing their exposure to traditional chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It is an environmentally-friendly alternative that saves time and costs while protecting the integrity and overall yield of plants."

Terra Vera first introduced its proven platform technology in 2020, offering commercial and hobbyist growers alike a safe, effective and sustainable approach to rid crops of pathogens while preserving the quality and yield of their products. The company's solutions are currently utilized by growers of cannabis, ornamentals, wine grapes, coffee, strawberries, blueberries, and bee colonies, in more than a dozen states around the country.

For more information about Terra Vera, its technology and services, please visit terravera.com.


About Terra Vera
Terra Vera is a technology company dedicated to making agriculture more environmentally and economically sustainable. The company specializes in crop management solutions that replace conventional chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, which are linked to environmental damage and the decline of bees and other pollinators vital to global food supplies. Terra Vera's biomimicry technology provides growers and beekeepers with all-natural solutions that are cost-effective, scalable, and generated on demand. For more information about Terra Vera, visit terravera.com.

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