Canopy Farm Management Launches Canopy Compass, a Data-Driven Tool Supporting Farmers in the Transition to Regenerative Agriculture

Suitability mapping tool empowers farmers and landowners with data to support the adoption of climate-resilient perennial crops and agroforestry, improving outcomes for both people and the planet

Canopy Farm Management (Canopy) today announces the launch of Canopy Compass, a web-based, crop suitability mapping and farm analysis tool built to support farmers' transition to regenerative agriculture, identifying perennial crop possibilities across U.S. farmland. Compared to annual row and vegetable crops, perennial crops, with their deep root systems, require extra consideration when determining where they are best suited to grow. Perennial crops contribute to ecosystem health by supporting wildlife and pollinators, restoring soil and water, and storing carbon.

Developed in partnership with the Savanna Institute, a nonprofit agroforestry research organization, the Canopy Compass tool harnesses the most comprehensive and scientifically robust crop suitability maps available today. More than 90 maps from over a dozen sources are completely free to explore on the site. In addition, farm-specific reports generated by the site will empower U.S. farmers and landowners with valuable data as a first step when considering new alternatives for their land.

"Our mission is to catalyze the development and adoption of resilient, scalable agroforestry," said Monika Shea, PhD, Landscape Ecologist at the Savanna Institute. "After four years of research and analysis, we are thrilled to make this data widely accessible. The maps will inform planning and decision making at multiple scales, supporting the success of agroforestry tree and shrub plantings and all the associated positive economic and environmental outcomes."

Canopy Compass helps farmers navigate complex factors. It generates a ‘suitability index' for each crop, considering factors like soil preferences, climate requirements, and landscape context. The tool removes the guesswork around: "Can I grow this crop on my farm?", providing data designed to inform farmers. Reports generated by the tool include:

➢ Current and historical context of the land
➢ Environmental concerns
➢ Crop suitability
➢ Agroforestry opportunities
➢ Soil and climate factors

"Alternative crops like fruit, nut, or timber trees can have two big impacts," said Kevin Wolz, PhD and CEO, Canopy Farm Management. "First, they can provide a whole new source of revenue for farmers and landowners. Second, they are good for the planet, sequestering carbon and holding soil in place. Canopy Compass enables access to the latest, best-in-class approach, developed by scientists and industry experts."

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Canopy Farm Management provides tree planting and management services to U.S. farmers and landowners. Through its expert staff, thoughtful design, and a mobile fleet of state-of-the-art farm equipment, Canopy cost-effectively establishes and manages diverse and resilient agroecological systems, including perennial crops, timber plantings, and conservation practices. Canopy also operates a nursery growing premier perennial crop genetics. Canopy launched in 2022 out of the Savanna Institute, a nonprofit agroforestry research organization. Canopy is supported by Grantham Environmental Trust and has received philanthropic capital from partners including Builders Initiative.

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