Farmers find carbon equals cash when working with Truterra

In the first three years of its carbon program, Truterra pays over $21 million to farmers for the sequestration and reduction of over 1.1 million metric tons of carbon, positioning Truterra as a valuable source that connects food and ag companies with farmers to drive sustainable practices on farms

Truterra, a leading agricultural sustainability business that offers consultation, tools and solutions for the ag and food value chain, today announced that its carbon program has paid more than $21 million to farmers for the sequestration and reduction of over 1.1 million metric tons of carbon in its first three years.

Along with these results, the Truterra® carbon program has seen significant growth in total acres enrolled. In 2023, total acres increased by 99% vs. 2022. In 2022, total acres enrolled increased by 151% vs. 2021. All of these results help position Truterra as a valuable source for connecting food and ag companies with farmers to drive sustainable practices on farms.

"Our carbon program is gaining momentum as a leader among farmers and retailers. Our differentiated approach matches agronomics with economics to help farmers make sustainable practice changes," said Truterra President Jamie Leifker. "What's more, these carbon assets could help organizations with sustainability goals who choose to make agriculture part of their toolkit of solutions. Truterra will continue to focus on creating new markets for farmers and retailers, while helping them make the best agronomic, economic and sustainable decisions for their operations."

The Truterra® carbon program is also experiencing growth in farmer participation. In 2023, the number of farmers participating in the carbon program grew by 58% compared to 2022.

"In many ways, we're returning to the way that my grandfather or my great-grandfather would have farmed, but with new technology and new metrics. Through the Truterra carbon program, we are doing this by changing some of our cover crop mixes, and I believe that higher yields will come from it," said Kelly Garrett, a farmer enrolled in Truterra's carbon program. "I'm looking at the big picture to secure the best for my farm and the best for my family. And I'm very proud that it goes hand in hand with Truterra's carbon program."

As a subsidiary of Land O'Lakes, Inc.'s over 100-year-old farmer-owned cooperative, farmers are at the center of everything Truterra does. The Truterra® carbon program is delivered through Truterra's network of local ag retail advisors, who work directly with farmers to help them make the best decisions for their fields. Truterra's farmer-friendly approach also means that qualified farmers can achieve optimal earning potential by paying based on actual carbon stored rather than a set per acre payment.

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About Truterra, LLC

Truterra is a leading sustainability solutions provider, advancing and connecting sustainability efforts throughout the food system at scale - from farmers to ag retailers to value chain collaborators including food and fiber companies. The Truterra network brings together agricultural technology and precision conservation to drive sustainability across the food system, with the aim of helping feed people, safeguard the planet, and support farmer livelihoods. To learn more, visit

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