Next-generation IoT enabler – Myriota FlexSense – offers a fast and low-risk path to empower Solution Providers and OEMs to develop sensing solutions, validate real world value and streamline their pathway to market

21 May 2024 - Myriota, the global telco for field generated intelligence, has announced the launch of Myriota FlexSense, the fastest deploy-ready hardware platform for developers seeking to build capable sensor based solutions. The device is designed with advanced Bluetooth Low Energy and multi-sensor capabilities and is enabled by Myriota's low-power satellite connectivity. With capacity for four AA batteries, FlexSense can be configured to last in excess of ten years.

An industry-first, FlexSense enables solution providers and OEMs to develop and deliver tracking and sensing IoT solutions within months, not years. Taking minutes to deploy from unboxing to installation, FlexSense offers a code-free experience for a host of applications, including location monitoring and humidity, pressure, temperature and vibration sensing.

FlexSense provides critical connectivity for remote tracking and sensing data wherever it's needed. With this solution, Myriota enables partners to significantly reduce development costs and complexity, and accelerate market entry. The device features a highly rugged and resilient IP67-rated, UV-resistant enclosure, operational from -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to 158°F), and comes with a preinstalled 3m cable equipped with versatile sensor interfaces including analogue, digital, serial, and I2C. Perfect for rigorous real world field trials.

Ben Cade, CEO, commented: "With FlexSense we redefine the IoT landscape, making it easier than ever before for developers to design and deploy IoT solutions that work anywhere. The technology works seamlessly with a variety of sensors, meaning our partners can rapidly customize the hardware to meet their unique specifications across a wide range of use cases."

"Our technology is trusted by Solutions Providers and OEMs looking to bring best-in-class IoT solutions to sectors including agriculture, water, and transport & logistics, as well as a whole host of environmental applications. Our global reach is testament to the trust our customers have in the reliability of our hardware and services, and our ability to provide them with a competitive edge in an ever-changing global market."

The technology, which is now being rolled out globally, has been rigorously tested ahead of launch. This includes Denmark-headquartered Grundfos, the global pump and water solutions company, which is using Myriota FlexSense ready-to-deploy hardware to deliver a robust pump and tank monitoring system.

Tom Drew, Global Business Development Manager, Solar, Grundfos commented: "Myriota is an indispensable partner for our business, enabling us to deliver our energy and water solutions for a wide range of use cases across the globe. Their low-power connectivity enables our customers to optimize operations over huge distances, reduce energy consumption, and maximize sustainability, while also ensuring faster response times to issues such as water leaks."

As OEMs' sales volumes increase, they can easily switch from FlexSense to fully-customized solutions built using the Myriota Module. This gives OEMs a quick and low-risk route to building solutions that meet precise economic and form factor requirements.

FlexSense is the latest partner enabling solution from Australian headquartered Myriota. The company achieved 300% growth in deployed devices in FY2023, and is rapidly scaling deployments across APAC, USA, EMEA, and LATAM.

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About Myriota
An Australian-born global satellite tech company, Myriota ( is transforming the IoT industry with efficient, reliable solutions that enable sensing of anything, anywhere. Serving 90% of the globe without proper communication infrastructure, its space-based network delivers scalable, affordable IoT data services and energy-efficient hardware, essential for sectors like agriculture, logistics, water management, and environmental conservation. With a 300% yearly increase in device deployments, trust from global Solution Providers and OEMs, and over 150 patents, Myriota is a leading innovator in remote communication and monitoring technologies.

Myriota has racked up a decade of innovation and leadership in this sector, recently ranking in the top five direct-to-orbit players by Berg Insights.

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