Atarraya's Shrimpbox Farms Usher in the Future of Protein at Economist's Impact 9th Sustainability Week

Experience the future of sustainable protein with Atarraya at Economist Impact's 9th Annual Sustainability Week. Discover how our Shrimpbox Farms are redefining urban shrimp farming for a cleaner, local, and responsible protein future. Join us in London, March 5-6, Booth 14, and don't miss CEO Daniel Russek's on the "Feeding the World" panel.

Atarraya: Revolutionizing the Protein Industry with Sustainable, Local, and Clean Urban Shrimp Farming

In an age where culinary delight and sustainability need not be mutually exclusive, Atarraya emerges as a beacon of innovation during the 9th Annual Sustainability Week hosted by Economist Impact. Pioneering the most profitable protein industry of our generation, Atarraya introduces sustainable, local, and clean shrimp farming in urban settings, challenging the status quo and redefining what it means to produce and consume protein responsibly.

Event Insight

- What's on Display: Atarraya's Shrimpbox Farms represent a groundbreaking step towards fulfilling the modern consumer's desire for high-quality protein without the environmental and ethical compromises associated with traditional sources. Join us to explore how Atarraya is meeting this challenge head-on with its innovative approach to shrimp farming.

- When & Where: Immerse yourself in the future of sustainable food production at the 9th Annual Sustainability Week by ECONOMIST IMPACT, Business Design Centre, London, UK, March 5 - 6, 2024, Booth 14. Atarraya's CEO, Daniel Russek, will also join the panel 'Feeding the world—how can neo-ag tech reduce farming's environmental impact?' on Tuesday, March 5, from 2:20 pm - 3:00 pm GMT.

Why Shrimp, and Why Now?

The global demand for shrimp presents a unique opportunity and a significant challenge. Traditional sources of shrimp supply — wild catch and conventional farms — have detrimental impacts on the environment and consumer health, plagued by destructive practices and lax regulatory standards. Atarraya confronts these challenges with a solution that doesn't just sidestep the issues but addresses them head-on, offering a fresh and sustainable product produced without harming the planet or compromising consumer values.

Challenging the Norm

While the tech industry has been preoccupied with dictating consumer preferences towards plant-based and lab-grown alternatives, Atarraya recognized a pivotal opportunity: to provide consumers with the protein they crave, produced in a manner that aligns with their evolving values.

Atarraya's Vision

Our innovative Shrimpbox technology offers a viable alternative to the environmentally damaging and health-compromising methods of traditional shrimp production while also sets a new standard for what the protein industry can achieve. By introducing sustainable, profitable, and scalable shrimp farming to urban environments, Atarraya is creating a future where delicious, clean, and ethically produced shrimp is accessible to everyone, everywhere — free from the constraints of geography and the guilt of environmental and ethical compromise.

Join the Revolution

Discover how Atarraya's Shrimpbox Farms are paving the way for a new era of food production, one where technology, sustainability, and consumer satisfaction converge. Join us at Economist Impact's 9th Annual Sustainability Week to learn more about our vision for a shared future of prosperity, health, and sustainability.

About Atarraya

Atarraya is at the forefront of transforming the food industry through its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and quality. With accolades such as being named to TIME's Best Inventions and Top GreenTech companies, Atarraya is not just changing how we think about shrimp farming; it's reimagining the possibilities of the entire protein industry.

For More Information

To learn more about Atarraya and our impact on sustainable shrimp farming, please visit Follow us on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on our journey towards a more sustainable and delicious future.

Experience the intersection of culinary delight, sustainability, and innovation with Atarraya at the 9th Annual Sustainability Week by ECONOMIST IMPACT. Discover how we're not just meeting the world's protein needs — we're redefining them.

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